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Aquarius New Moon: Authority and Innovation

I’m excited for the New Moon in Aquarius taking place Friday, January 27th at 7:07 pm EST.  New moons usher in new beginnings and fresh starts and in the air sign Aquarius, expect to experience progressive thoughts, innovative ideas, new concepts, and an overall higher-minded way of thinking.  Finally, after a month of stagnation, it’s going to feel like a new year!  Each new moon cycle has a specific purpose and this one is helping us realign with authority – our personal authority, authority figures, and ideologies that we allow to have authority over us.

Thanks to the energy of Aquarius we will have the strength to ask questions, challenge the status quo, and break-free if necessary. Aquarius is the sign of the rebel but it’s definitely not a rebel without a cause. In fact, Aquarius is similar to Capricorn energy as they both have respect for tradition, structure, and rules that help society and groups run fairly and effectively.  However, the rebel comes out when the structure or authority is off-balance, unfair, or is no longer effectively being of service. The important thing to remember is that Aquarius rebels for the sake of either the greater good or for personal freedom, never just to be a trouble maker.

The new moon is the time to begin taking steps toward breaking free from the status-quo, to take risks, and to reaffirm your personal authority.  Take a moment to think about what is presently causing you unrest.  That feeling of anxiety, worry, or uneasiness is your spirit getting ready for an internal rebellion of sorts.  Don’t try to cling to the way you have been doing things; let feelings of uneasiness motivate you towards a new perspective, higher-understanding, and most importantly change.  The universe is sending unexpected opportunities and fast changes get the ball rolling.  Keep your eyes open and your faith strong; an opportunity could fall in your lap or you might have to take a risk to get the reward, another possibility is that your opportunity will be disguised as failure. Aquarius energy moves fast, like a shock of electricity; allow yourself to be receptive to changes and opportunities that unfold.  This includes thoughts, feelings, and actions.


 The Moon in Aquarius

On January 12th we experienced a full moon in Cancer mixed with a Grand Cardinal Cross.  The powerful release energy of that full moon was mostly internalized and drew our attention towards healing pain associated with love and family.  It also highlighted subconscious fears and the need to release connections to the past that were blocking growth.  Under the new moon, you may notice your energy shift from focusing on how the past impacted the present to a future oriented focus. Your goal now is to maximize potential to manipulate the future.

There is a saying, “you don’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you came from.”  The full moon in Cancer was an emotional time that connected us to the past, family, and especially things we learned from our original family – where we came from.   We got the clarity we needed about the past during the full moon, now it’s time to move forward towards in a completely new way. The moon in Aquarius is more logical and conceptual than it is emotional and feeling. While themes of healing, finance, love, and home will continue to resonate from the Cancer full moon, new concepts and ideology around these topics will motivate us into action.

Manifesting During this New Moon? Get a Yellow or Green Candle

Power to the People

One thing is for sure, this new moon cycle will feel like a mental awakening thanks to both the sun and the moon sitting in the Aquarius zodiac sign but also because of a strong energy share between Mercury (logical and communication) and Pluto (controls and transformation). On a personal level, Pluto and Mercury are influencing a transformation in our logic and thought processes. This planetary combo will help us take a step back to see the bigger picture and form new, ingenious ideas versus sticking with traditional, tried and true ideologies.

This renewing of the mind will have you suddenly taking a new perspective or considering a completely different approach. If your routines are boring, unambitious or predictable spend time analyzing why you do things in a particular way, is there a difference approach, untapped resources or even new technology that can help you break new ground?  Some of this could feel like an,”ah ha why didn’t I think of that before” moment.  Other breakthroughs may require a major shifts or complete restructuring. If you need a push don’t worry, Uranus, the overseer of radical breakthroughs, sudden change, and rebellious tactics will be present to get the ball rolling; expect the unexpected.

The energy of innovation, restructure, and rebellion is already being experienced on a societal level (where Aquarius operates best), as POTUS continues to shock the American people with his numerous executive orders that threaten the familiar, safe, and protective aspects of government previously enjoyed. POTUS’ agenda appears to be in complete conflict with citizens’ expectations. This imbalance between the authority and the people it governs is what awakens the rebellious side of Aquarius. The Million Women March, which followed Inauguration Day, is one example; I’m sure we will see more examples in the coming months.  In many ways the country needed the rebellious, break from traditional leadership Trump embodies to move Americans out of their political comfort zone.  This president will inspire more interest by the public to understand what goes on behind the scenes in government and even more importantly, how we the citizens can control how government rules over us.

New Concepts for Love

The new moon takes place on a Friday, the day of the week honoring Venus and all matters under her influence – love, relationships, beauty, and money.  Her presence will definitely be felt during this new moon as love relationships will play a central role for many.  Venus is having a deep and soulful conversation with Chiron, the wounded healer.  Chiron deals with karmic wounds that need to be healed for a cycle of pain to end, allowing a new era to unfold.  In this conversation, Chiron is bringing emotional wounds caused by difficulties and failures in love into our awareness.  Mix in the element of sudden truths and unexpected turn of events from Aquarius/Uranus energy  some previously unknown information could be reveled or an explosive disagreement could hit you like a bolt of lighting, shattering illusions and providing clarity.

While Chiron is healing Venus’ wounds, Saturn jumps in to make sure this lesson in love is passed with flying colors so that it won’t have to be repeated. Remember, authority is also a theme of this new moon and Saturn is the planet of authority figures, discipline, and maturity. It’s time to take responsibility for feelings and actions by releasing the connection to past hurts that are blocking love to flow.  When you bag up old pain to set out on the curb, you might find yourself looking for something new in your relationship.  On the lighter side it could be romance, kinkiness, or exploring fantasies. On the deeper side, it could mean a change in the way you want to give and receive love which could signify a major change in your relationship if you are attached or a change in the “type” of people you choose to date if you are single.  At first this could feel uncomfortable but in the end you will definitely feel more liberated and in control when it comes to love.




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