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Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse in Leo: You Have the Power


We will experience the first big astrological event of the year, a Lunar Eclipse, on February 10th.  A lunar eclipse accompanies a full moon; magnifying the full moon’s powers to bring closure and end a cycle.  A lunar eclipse takes place twice a year; giving us two chances to do a thorough cleaning of the slate so to speak, ridding ourselves of mental and emotional garbage and other strongholds that are keeping us stagnate or prevent our highest self from shining through.

This full moon/lunar eclipse takes place in the fiery, lavish sign of Leo, meaning the moon will embody the qualities of Leo and influence us all too literally feel like a Leo (from an emotional standpoint). Leo is the outgoing, extrovert of the zodiac that feels good when it can take care of people and connect them to other people and ideas. Leo believes that anything it can imagine it can create. It works hard to accomplish its goals and is talented at getting others to see its vision and join its bandwagon.  Leo is the definition of, “Go Big or Go Home”, the bigger, brighter, and more extravagant the better to fuel Leo’s sense of importance and self-worth.  Even if you aren’t a Leo, expect to feel these qualities under the moon in Leo.

You will be so focused on taking action and moving forward, you won’t fret over any doors that close or people who exit during this time.  After all, endings open doors for new beginnings.

Because having a lunar eclipse take place during a full moon isn’t special enough for a Leo, the universe is pulling in some pretty powerful aspects and planetary configurations that are sure to dazzle and amaze us. This lunar eclipse is filled with big doses of supportive energy and opportunities to help reshape your mind, open you up to new possibilities, and ignite your passion to pursue what it is that you want.  You will be so focused on taking action and moving forward, you won’t fret over any doors that close or people who exit during this time.  After all, endings open doors for new beginnings.

The Glitter on Top of the Eclipse – Trines and Sextiles

There are two special things going on as part of the lunar eclipse that will be very helpful in moving us forward, connecting us to the right people, and helping us balance our emotions and logic as we reaffirm personal authority and execute our plans for growth. The first is a Grand Trine.  A Grand Trine occurs when you have 3 planets (in this case Moon, Mars, and Saturn), all in the same element (in this case fire signs), forming a big triangle in the havens.  Together, these planets create an energy-share; the planets involved individual energies join together in an easy and effortless flow essentially creating a support system. We will feel the influence of the Grand Trine and it will help balance and support our emotions against our efforts.  The moon is our emotional self, what we need to feel happy and secure and in Leo we need to feel beneficial, appreciated, and that we are able to “make it happen”.  Saturn represents maturity and structure. Over the last year and a half we have been on a journey of enlightenment involving spirituality, universal truth, and faith; those lessons have guided self-awareness and even restructured our goals. Uranus in Aries joins the mix as the element of surprise that will set things in motion by reveling truths and activating unexpected action.  The energy of a trine works for us with little effort; especially a fire trine because we are spurred into taking action.  During a full moon cycle, the actions will be taken to bring things to a close.

 The energy of a trine works for us with little effort; especially a fire trine because we are spurred into taking action.  During a full moon cycle, the actions will be taken to bring things to a close.

The second positive aspect is a sextile.  Sextiles offer opportunities; just like any other opportunity if we don’t take advantage of them then we won’t reap the benefits.   The special thing about this lunar eclipse is that there are a whole lot of sextiles taking place. Actually, this lunar eclipse is only two sextile short of a very special planetary alignment called a Grand Hexagon.  Although we won’t have a proper Grand Hexagon, there will be enough sextiles offering up big opportunities to create major changes.  A sextile take place when planets are in different but complementary elements, in this case air and fire.  The element of air deals with concepts and logic, it helps us conceptualize, analyze, and communicate while fire sparks passion and motivates us into take action.

The key players in the sextiles are the sun, moon, Saturn, Uranus, and Jupiter; yup, some of the same ones in the Grand Trine.  The sun and Jupiter are both in air signs, giving us a logical and optimistic approach.  These two planets strengthens our self-confidence and give shape to our creative visions.  Jupiter is the planet of luck and expansion; however, it went into retrograde on February 6th slowing things down when it comes to unexpected success in love, career, and travel.  It’s not that blessing will stop flowing but they may slower or make take more effort.  This slowing down actually helps Saturn (the professor) with its duties of helping us take responsibility while strengthening our personal authority.  The sun and Jupiter both walk in blind faith, knowing that everything works out for the best.  Saturn will restrict the use of blind faith just a bit in order to show us how practical methods like analyzing, communicating, and mapping things can help us take full advantage of unexpected blessings and opportunities that Uranus and the sextiles sends our way.

Love, Relationship, and Passion

These are the 3 things that you will feel most intensely under the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse in Leo.  Its winter time but the fire inside of you burns strong.  Anything that you are passionate about and want more of is where you will find your head and your heart focusing on for at least the next 6 months. We are all in a stage of unchaining ourselves from our past and redefining our future.  Anything that doesn’t resonate with your newly defined personal-truth, self-identity, or support your growth will catch fire and blow away in the wind.  The action orientation of this full moon carries with it a “release and replace” energy.  As we let go of what isn’t working we will look to replace it with ideas, actions, and people who are a better fit.  Learning, teaching, studying, and meeting new people will be key during this stage.

Your heart has already told you where release and change will take place under the Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse but here is a breakout by zodiac sign to help reaffirm what you already feel.  If you know your rising sign, read that as well for a more holistic understanding.

Leo – It’s time to redefine and fully embrace the person you are growing into.  You may have been a little hesitant about fully unleashing the new you because you were still trying to figure out how to present yourself to the world. Somewhere along the way it hit you, the old you and the new you have one important thing in common – you. You are still talented, kind, loving, helpful, and hardworking you have just matured and grown more into who you are meant to be. This new ideology  will impact your closes relationships, especially love.  As you evolve so will the dynamics of your relationships.  This could mean the endings of some relationships but a natural evolution in others.

Cancer – You got money on the mind; it may feel like everything you do right now is to get cash, it’s not that you are a greedy, money-loving piggy it’s because you want to build security and take care of loved ones and your responsibilities.   This eclipse is asking you to focus less on the money in your pocket and more on your spiritual bank account.  Are you familiar with the saying, “The physical reflects the spiritual?”  It’s less about making money and more about attracting money. Let go of fear of not having enough and realign yourself in your purpose. Light the fire in your job, if it’s not there figure out why and make changes to bring it back. Then ask the universe to help you; burn candles, say your affirmations, cleanse your energy, pray, do everything you can to connect to let the universe know you are open to receiving money. Do what you love and the universe will give you what you need.

Gemini – This full moon is hitting you in your favorite sector of life – communication.  You definitely have the gift of gab, have your finger on the pulse of what’s trending, and pride yourself on being able speak to and grasp insight on just about any topic but lately you may feel like something is missing or the words aren’t flowing the way they used to.  It’s time to elevate, to bring more knowledge and authority to the messages you share.  Don’t simply talk about it, share insight, teach others, and shed a deeper level of understanding.  If you have been keeping your passion around an idea or project silent because you weren’t sure how it would be received or even how to put it out there, let go of those blockages under the full moon and get ready to scream it from the mountain top.

Taurus – This full moon is helping you create balance in the two most important areas of your life, home and career.  In your mind these two places are why you wake-up every day; you love your home and the people in it and you love to working because a regular paycheck lets you take care of your home. There has been a strong focus on your home for the last 6 months or so and you may even have plans to move, redecorate, or make major improvements.  For you Taurus, this full moon is about reasserting authority in both your home and work.  Home is where the heart is so before you go on a spending spree to glam up your dwelling make sure that you are emotionally present and taking care of the real needs of the home and the people in it.  Take a chance at work, show your expertise, or break-out of your traditional ways, you could hit the jackpot in the form of a promotion, bonus, or other nice reward – more money to invest into your home.

Aries – Been in a creative slump lately?  Get ready to break-free and get those creative juices flowing again.  The thing with Aries is you need change or a challenge, something to rouse your passion.  You may have hit a sweet spot a while ago and have been riding that wave.  Don’t be afraid to rock the boat out of fear that your new creative direction won’t be well received.  Honestly, when have you ever cared what others think anyway?  You talent, individuality, and creative spark are some of your best gifts.  There could be an opportunity for a promotion or to share your gifts with a larger audience, stay true to yourself and your vision and watch your star rise.

Pisces – No matter how hard you try, you can’t be all things to everybody. You may have found yourself working double time to keep other’s happy, spending money, giving hugs, keeping your schedule open for people to come and go as they please.  While this may make everyone else happy this could have you feeling drained, overused, and underappreciated.  Dear Pisces, it’s time to put balance and boundaries into this equation. Give and take is always a fair exchange and there is nothing wrong with saying, “no, not today.”  Release any discomfort you feel around creating structure and balance; these things serve as control mechanisms.  When you feel things getting out of wack or a loss of control refer back to the structures you put in place to help balance things out.

Aquarius – Love and commitment can be a complex topic for you.  Traditional roles and structures in relationship don’t always blend well with your need for freedom and individuality.  It’s not that you prefer to be alone but you need an open-minded partner that will join you in creating a relationship suited to your life, not what’s dictated by society or storybook.  With all your higher-minded ideas and diverse ways of thinking you may be surprised to learn that your lover is the one being flexible and adaptable in love, not you.  Although you aren’t a big fan of emotions it’s time to consider your partner and making sure you are meeting their emotional needs. Giving in to the needs of your partner or the relationship doesn’t mean you are sacrificing yourself or your needs; it means you are compromising. The great thing about compromise is that by meeting the needs of the other person you also get your needs met; it’s a win-win situation.

Capricorn – As a cardinal, earth sign you are the leader, the CEO, the always about their business person.  You see it as your job to set things up and make them run properly for the people you care about – family, friends, and co-workers.  The full moon in Leo will bring could help your realize that you don’t have to be always be the source or the only source; we all need help sometimes including you.  It’s time to think about how you can utilize other people as resources to help your efforts. A business approach isn’t the only approach, genuine connections and emotional bonds build strong relationships both in and outside of the work landscape.

Sagittarius – You are naturally open-minded, crave knowledge, love to explore, and find truth in places where others lack the understanding.  You have been evolving over the past year, taking responsibility for your past, growing in self-understanding, and redefining your goals and how you plan to accomplish them.  This process included a lot of growing and healing, which can be difficult for a strong-willed sign like yours.  This eclipse starts the clearing away process of any lingering elements of the older version of yourself while giving you the courage to assert a newly defined personal authority. You may feel like you are holding yourself up to the light looking for imperfections that need to be removed. It’s time to enlist the help of a trusted resource to help you through this process, this could be a teacher, counselor, spiritual advisory, or even a soul journey to a distant place.

Scorpio – If it’s one thing you know to be true about yourself is that you always get what you need. In times of confusion, struggle, or lack a supporter is always there to help you whether it be a person or divine intervention. When it comes to your career and moving it to the next level stop waiting for someone else clear away confusion or help you level-up.  Yes, you prefer to work your magic from behind the scenes but it’s time to champion yourself and openly accept the recognition and acclaim you deserve.  This isn’t about the money, it’s about proudly and humbly showcasing your achievements and expertise. When others see that you know your value and worth they will gladly give you the power and promotion that you deserve.

Libra – Lucky Libra, you are the golden child this year as Jupiter spends time in your sign. Good fortune and growth can be achieved in almost every area of your life this year.  One of your best characteristics is building strong, one-on-one relationships with people.  Always the fan of harmony and compromise, you take the time to understand a person’s needs and what makes them happy.  The person isn’t aware of the careful analysis and attention to detail you employ, they just know that you always have the answers and everything feels right when you are around. Now, with all this opportunity for growth you have to learn to give a bigger group of people what it is they want. Unfortunately, you may not be able to build a personal relationship with every one of your potential customers, clients, or supporters.  If you find yourself struggling with how to deal with being in high demand and still expressing your creative talents, take a page out of Aquarius’ rule book – to serve the greatest good, the needs of the individual must be overlooked. Try thinking in terms of meeting the needs of a group or segment of people.

Virgo – You just love structure, spreadsheets, agendas, and all forms of organization that helps get everyone on the same page while making the best use of time and resources.  Some people may call it controlling but you know that a level of control is necessary. Another thing you love is helping people; you are a natural at crafting systems and processes that are effective and efficient. Are you starting to notice that people aren’t as receptive as they used to be or your methods aren’t as effective as they once were?  This eclipse sheds light on how your skills can make a bigger impact. That could include dealing with the unplanned, unstructured, and small returns if you can help someone out. If you want to feel like you are making a bigger impact try focusing less on fixing what’s wrong  and more on how you can build up what’s right.  Let your powers of intuition guide you to a deeper level of connection and understand beyond what you can see or discern at the surface level.




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