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Carrying the Cross of the Cancer Full Moon

The first full moon of 2017 takes place on January 12th in Cancer and it’s bringing important, and possibly difficult, changes!  2016 was a year of endings and culminations, one after another.  Although many people celebrated happy moments, the consensus is that 2016 sucked! Hello there 2017, we have such high hopes for you mainly because we can’t be any more emotionally drained then we already are from 2016.  Unfortunately, 2017 isn’t getting off on a good foot.  It began with Mercury Retrograde, so while you may have been ready to move forward the universe was slowing things down, creating technical difficulties, and bring back situations and people from the past.  When Mercury goes direct on January 8th any progress you may have made can come become sketchy or worse, completely fall apart.   Shortly after Mercury moves forward, the full moon on January 12th will complicate things and have you questioning the universe like, “what’s really going on, whose side are you on, and can I at least get a good 30 days of 2017 before things fall apart??? ”  Under this full moon things could range from serious to treacherous thanks to a planetary aspect called , Grand Cardinal Cross.

A Grand Cardinal Cross takes place when there are least 4 planets both opposing and squaring each other at the same time.  When planets are in Opposition it’s like they are having a face to face disagreement.  There is friction but also opportunity to work through things because at least the planets are eye to eye, so to speak.  However, planets in a square are very  difficult.  In a grand cross the planets from 4 180 degree angles; that’s some major side-eye making it hard to come to an understanding. During a cardinal cross, all the planets are in  each of the cardinal signs.  Cardinal signs have a strong energy to initiate changes especially in their areas of influence Aries (self), Libra (love/partnership), Cancer (home/family), and Capricorn (finances/material security).   When you mix in the element of change of a Grand Cardinal Cross with the energy of closure and culmination represented by the full moon it obviously signifies the ending of a much large cycle impacting the areas mentioned above.   Side note – If you are  a cardinal sign or have one as your rising sign expect feel the impact of the Full Moon/Grand Cross strongly.

Thinking back, revisit the Grand Cardinal Cross of 2014

I don’t want to play on fears as much as I want you to be prepared for unexpected changes or reality-altering truths that could be coming your way.  Let’s look the impact of the Full Moon/Grand Cardinal Cross from a positive aspect.

Bury Fear and Build Something Great on Top of It

Pluto is one of the planets that when it shows up get ready for some sadness, change, and to deal with a difficult situation.  This planet represents fears and control as well as our ability to vanquish them in order to build a new, more productive structure or method where the fear block one stood.  Pluto is in a strong energy share with the sun; this energy share impacts our self-identity as well as health and vitality.  We will be forced to deal with something major that has been holding us back (a personal belief system or way of operating that may have been created in response to a fear, previous failure, or something taught subconsciously from family or culture.  The situation or themes you will experience under the full moon/ grand cardinal cross won’t be new; this is the climax.  Potential clashes with established system or people who have a level of control over you are highly likely such as bosses, parents, financial intuitions, and governmental/law enforcement agencies. The sun/Pluto conjunction sparks the need to break free of controls, to champion your cause and stand up for what you believe.  This won’t just be about talk, it will also be about action.  It’s time to break-free, to use your passion and power to make things come to life. Speaking of breaks, be careful, Capricorn rules the bones and skeletal system, there is a chance for some spills and trips that could cause broken bones or dental issues.

Feed Your Emotions with a Dose of Practical Action

As with every full moon, the sun and the moon sit directly across from each other in the sky to form an aspect called an opposition.  This energy brings closure to a cycle and also raises our awareness to the fact that we need to create a balance between our emotional needs and how we take action in the world to satisfy them.  The moon in Cancer heightens our need for the resources to secure a happy home and family; this includes money, health, a comfortable home, and a support system.  To satisfy this emotional needs of the moon in Cancer we are motivated to take action though the sun in Capricorn.  Capricorn is an earth sign concerned with building long term, material success.  It uses hard work and determination to build things that will last for the foreseeable future like a long career, a good reputation, a consistent flow of income, and a structure that will continue to produce money and resources. Under this full moon you will be compelled and possibly even forced, thanks to the grand trine, to let go of mindsets, people, and situations that are holding you back from building long-term security and success.  Remember, the Pluto/Sun conjunction will bring any fear based actions into our consciousness for us to address.  The next step is to make a conscious decision to release these fears.  If you find yourself being forced to change or release, surrender to it don’t try to hold on. This could look like a change in residence, a change in career or how you make money, relocating,  changes in love or business partnerships, or reevaluating the return you are getting from the things you give time and effort to. The universe never takes  anything away without replacing with something better.  The better may not come immediately Capricorn resonates with hard-work and patience, but it is coming and it’s staying for a long time!

How to Conduct a Full Moon Ritual

If There is a Decision to Be Made or Action to Take, Expect it Now

The last two key players in the mix are Jupiter and Uranus.  These two are intensifying the complexity and unpredictability of situations, emotions, and actions.  Jupiter is the bringer of growth, expansion, and good luck.  This planet reminds us to have faith and follow our hearts toward happy endings. Depending on your situation, Jupiter can be either the silver lining or the last straw to push things to the point of no return.  Jupiter is about expansion – making things bigger; unfortunately, it can increase the good or the bad, it doesn’t care as long as it’s expanding.   Meanwhile, Uranus brings sudden changes, shake-ups, and rebellious behavior. Uranus is that flash of lighting that brings instantaneous clarity, sparks an idea, reveals the truths, and compels you to take action.  The addition of these two could give you clarity you need to make a decision and act on it, finally bringing the closure you need (this is a good thing) or it can heap one shocking thing on top of another forcing you to into a juggle act (not so good).  You never know when these two are involved, all you can do is surrender and accept things for what they are, good or bad.

This Full Moon Ends What Was Started on The Cancer New Moon

Life could come at you fast during the Full Moon/Grand Cross. It’s essentially clearing away any lingering residue from 2016 so you go forward into 2017  unchained from fears and with a clean slate to build upon.  It may feel difficult at first, but in time you will appreciate the events that unfold during this time because they are preparing you to climb the mountains towards the future you want.


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