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Full Moon in Leo: What’s Blocking Your Shine

We are almost a month into 2016 or Sweet 16 as I like to refer to it.  This year holds lots of opportunities for transformation and evolution.  A lot has happened over the last 3 years and if you look back, your life today maybe very different from then or if it’s not too different you may be feeling a strong urge to make massive changes, it’s time to level up!  To that point, goals have been set, plans have been hatched, and now all it is to it, is to do it.  The full moon on January 23, 2016 is the first of the year.  It’s the first pause in our master plan to evaluate, restructure, and release as necessary.

The Full Moon Story

Full moons occur when the moon sit’s directly opposite the sun in the sky.  That is what makes full moon’s so bright, it is reflecting the sun’s light back to it.  It is also a time of culmination and endings when we either reap what we sow or head back to the drawing board to start over fresh.  This time the moon is in loyal, creative, luxurious, and kind Leo sitting across from the sun in Aquarius.  Aquarius is the sign of the revolutionary, the unorthodox, and the humanitarian.  These two sitting across from each other are asking us to figure out “What’s blocking our shine?”, what do we need to let go of so that our talents, ambition, and goals can be actualized.

So A Like, yet Different

Leo and Aquarius are polar opposites, two sides of the same coin so to speak.  They share lot’s of the same characteristics they are just expressed differently.  Leo is loving, kind, thoughtful, and a people connector.  Like the sun, Leo likes to be the center of the universe and it understands that to be the center you have to be surrounded by others.  Leo does it all for the shine and the love. With the moon in Leo we want to feel that we are adored, appreciated, and respected by others; we need to feel it, hear it, and be shown or else we may feel like we aren’t good enough or that we are wasting our time.  Immediate gratification is a must.  On the other hand Aquarius wants to feel apart of the group.  Aquarius is like the lead singer in a band, everyone plays an important role but Aquarius is the one out in front displaying its unique talents so that the group as a whole skyrockets to the top of the charts.  Its thought is individuality helps the group prosper.

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Balance is the Goal

The lesson of this story is balance! Think about how you can use your talents, gifts, and resources to benefit others, to be of service.  If you find yourself doing things to get your ego stroked, to receive praise, or to be singled out as the strongest link then your shine is likely being blocked or at least dimmed by the universe. Conversely, if you are too quiet or have been playing the back so much that you have faded into the background, now is the time to step up and roar.

Let it Go, Let it Go

On this full moon, release anything that is holding back your shine. Is it fear of being under appreciated or fear of failure so you don’t even try? Is it fear of being too different from others or fear that there is someone is better?  Are you settling in a comfort zone because your ego feels safe there?  Are you keeping your dreams quiet because you are scared to be an originator?  Whatever it is let it go and then create a balance so that you can grow.

After this intermission from the full moon on the January 23rd, Mercury will exit retrograde on the  January 25th, by the middle of week things will be back on track.  It will be time to take action and begin moving forward again renewed in purpose and spirit.



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