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Hide Your Wife, Hide Your Kids, It’s a Full Moon tonight!

moonfullWe have all heard about the crazy things that happen on a full moon.  It’s when people turn into lunatics (derived from the word Lunar as in moon), crime supposedly increase and of course, people turn into werewolves.  I don’t buy into all of that but I do believe that the moon has an influence on our deep internal emotions and during a full moon those thoughts or emotions rise to the surface.

 A full moon is actually a positive time, it is a time of culmination and fulfillment.  If you decided to make a change or break a bad pattern/habit your success is supposed to come in the days leading up to and right after a full moon.  The moon influences what you need to feel happy and secure and how you react to things on an emotional level.  Around the full moon feelings related to relationships, career and love may surface.  The moon also sheds light on or heightens your awareness around a situation you didn’t know existed. You may evaluate these situations to determine if you are getting what you need or how you can better get what you need.  Since the moon governs our emotional reactions, your emotions maybe more raw and more intense during a full moon. 

 This evening, April 25th, is both a full moon and a lunar eclipse.  What this means is that the effects of the full moon are grander and more significant.  During this time expect to get major news, huge win-falls or a clear understanding of what actions you need to take to change your future for the better.  Tonight’s eclipse has the Sun in Taurus and the Moon in Scorpio.  As you maybe aware, it is Taurus season and Scorpio is Taurus’ polar opposite.  As polar opposites, Tarsus and Scorpio are two sides of the same coin.  Taurus is about obtaining material possessions and security and Scorpio is about relationships and joint sharing.  Taurus is slow acting and resists change where as the Scorpio sign is related to transformation through death.  What this means for this full moon, lunar eclipse is that your feelings, evaluations and information received maybe linked to things that represent security to you (relationship, family, money, career).  The big news or success you have been waiting for can come now.  The influence of the moon in Scorpio helps you understand  that your  current way of doing or being needs to stop and that you need to engage a completely new approach to achieve success. 



  • SweetTea1321 September 11, 2013 at 8:47 pm

    Love the title of this post! Hmm… i might need to start paying attention to the moon! I’m liking all of the possible benefits. I’d love to hear stories about how the moon has affected you or people you know.


    • WrittenntheStars September 11, 2013 at 9:11 pm

      The moon effects us all, you just have to be in-tune with yourself to be able recognize that it is the moon that is influencing your emotions or reactions. I usually recognize it after the fact; like, oh that was what was going on with me, I knew something was off. LOL


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