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Golden Tiger Eye for Prosperity

Golden Tiger Eye is associated with the Solar Plexus chakra and helps bring ideas into reality.  This stone attracts prosperity and good luck by connecting you to spirit while keeping you grounded.  When we tap into spirit or a higher power our ability to create and think outside of the box is strengthened.  However, it is our ability to root our ideas into the real world and concentrating our focus that makes our ideas become reality.  Tiger Eye is known as a powerful protection stone and one that brings good luck.

tiger eye crystal for prosperity


How to Use Tiger Eye

Keep Tiger Eye in your work space or where you tap into your creative energy.  Tiger Eye is also said to protect travelers; keep it in your pocket or bag when you take trips. This a great stone to meditate and pray with because it increases your connection with spirit and strengthens your ability to focus on getting things done.

green candle and tigers eye

Tiger Eye paired with a green candle can greatly increase your powers of attraction for success, prosperity, and abundance.  This pair aids in bringing your ideas into reality, helps you cope with change, commit to your goals, and boosts your confidence.


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