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Achieving Your Goals in 2015


The New Year, New Me!  That’s most people attitude at the beginning of a new year – we set smart goals for our self, we are full of ambition to accomplish those goals and to make changes that will transform our life for the better in the New Year.  We set our goals for the new year and then somewhere around February or early March the drive starts to fade, the goals get pushed back, or work gets so busy  there is little time to work on your  new year resolutions.  What a vicious and unproductive cycle – but why is that?  Like with any new project, if you don’t do the prep work, it’s hard for all the other steps in the process flow correctly.   The first step in making any life change is preparing yourself, mentally for the change. Mental and emotional preparedness is how you truly achieve you goals.

Unhappiness is a key motivator for change.  Most New Year resolutions are related to things that we don’t like about our self, things that stress us, or are a source of unhappiness or uncertainty.  If we are unhappy about something then yes, those are absolutely the things need to change. We all deserve to live our best life.  Unfortunately, these things are never easy to change. We have deep emotional connections or a longstanding relationship with the things that make us unhappy, and that is why its difficult for us to make the changes needed.  It may not be simple but it’s definitely doable, it just takes a little preparation and planning.

Use the last 3 weeks of 2014 to mentally prepare yourself to receive what awaits in 2015!  You know how when you purchase something large for your home, maybe a new sofa or bedroom set, you use the few days before it gets delivered to get rid of the stuff you don’t need anymore, clean up the room the new thing is going in and maybe even rearrange somethings so that your new thing fits perfectly in the space?  Ok- that’s what we will be doing for the next 3 weeks in Prepping for Greatness in 2015 Greatness!  We will take inventory, decide what needs to be trashed, clean-up our spaces, and realign things so we have just the place to put our blessing.

Each week will have a different topic that is a step towards Prepping for Greatness in 2015.  I will send an email with the week’s theme, a homework assignment (don’t worry you don’t have to turn it in to anyone, it’s for your eyes only), and some tips, tools and suggested reading to help you complete the assignment.  You are not required to share any part of your prep assignments but if you gain insight, find something informative, or have a great idea that will help others please do feel free to share it with everyone.  Sharing is Caring!

3 Weeks Prep for 2015 Greatness

Dec 6th Week:  Release We will start by releasing the things that are holding us back.

Dec 12th Week: Setting SMART Goals for yourself in 2015

Dec 19th Week: Setting Your Intentions and Preparing for Manifestation


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