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Gemini Motto: I Think

Gemini’s reputation precedes it; unfortunately, it isn’t a great reputation.  While this sign is fun and friendly it is also known to be two-faced and dramatic. I think it’s just a little misunderstood.  Gemini is an air sign, meaning it’s very flexible and social – like the wind, Gemini can be all over the place taking interest in many different things, topics, and people all in the same amount of time it takes the wind to change direction.  Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, Mercury is concerned with communication with both others and oneself (thought-processes), as well as logic and travel.  Mercury’s influence makes Gemini a quick thinker – it can quickly grasp concepts, come up with a conclusion, and then relay them to others in a highly receptive way.  Gemini’s good-spirited nature, wit, varied interest, and gift of gab make them fun people to be around and a staple at social events.  Gemini’s ultimate motivation is to connect ideas, express itself verbally, and to be recognized for its achievements; they need praise to feel good about themselves.   You maybe thinking, this sounds all good but what about that other side.  Gemini’s dual nature is driven by the need to explore all sides of something in order to understand it; however, since this air sign changes quickly, it doesn’t always apply the focus and time needed to really get to the root of things. This lack of focus also negatively impacts their projects and tasks – Gemini’s are notorious for coming up with great ideas (they are very creative people) but not fully implementing them. Gemini’s are always thinking and exploring multiple possibilities; it isn’t uncommon for Gemini to say one thing or make a commitment but after further thought decides that isn’t  the best idea, change their mind, and move on to something else.  While generally friendly, nice, and thoughtful people Gemini can have a mean streak. Gemini likes to keep things light and happy but when pushed to a place of anger (usually stemming from hurt feelings or ego) they will get mean, in your face, and quickly unleash a verbal assault that usually leaves the victim stunned and speechless while trying to figure out what happened.  If you are close to a Gemini you are very familiar with how quickly they can snap and then go right back to being happy – that’s because as soon as they verbally release their emotion they can move out of that space and on to something else.

Gemini I May 21-31 

Gemini’s ruling planet, Mercury’s influence is strongest on those born in this week.  Mercury rules communication, travel, speed, and thought-processes. Gemini I personalities are intelligent, quick-witted, extroverted, quick-moving, and creative.  The theme for those born this week is freedom and individuality.  These quick thinkers are great at coming up with new ideas and problem-solving and make great assets to a group or team.  On their own, they aren’t able to implement their ideas – this is because they have so many of them they don’t take the time to see something through before they are on to the next thing.  This inability to focus leads Gemini I to break  promises that they  really did intend to keep, that is until something else pressing or more interesting comes along. Over time, this flakiness hurts their credibility with others.   Naturally combative,  they will not back down from a fight and will stick-up for what they believe is right. Gemini I has a low threshold for what they perceive as stupidity and can become upset by slow-moving and thinking individuals. In these situations, Gemini I’s quick-wit and short temper  is used as ammunition in a verbal attack that can include laughter and ridicule.  Gemini I is emotionally volatile and tend to complain to get things off of their chest. Friends and family need to just let them get it out, listen and chime in with feedback from time to time; they need to rant (about the same thing over and over) and then they will be fine.  Gemini I is a great friends and dedicated lover; they will protect the ones they care about and are always there to help out.  At times their help can come with a price; their critical nature compels them to critique the situation and  to explain what should have been done differently.  In relationships they get bored easily and need to change routines to keep things fresh.  Their dedication keeps them in the relationship; however, faithfulness is an entire different thing. 

Gemini II June 1-11 

Gemini II is the master communicator.  These charming, charismatic, and outgoing people have an innate need to express their ideas and make sure they are understood by others. They thrive on creating new ideas, sharing them, and connecting with people.  Their need to communicate is so strong that they have a tendency to over talk or over explain themselves.  In times of fear or uncertainty they will talk out of nervousness to make themselves feel better.  Gemini II is very competitive and strives to be the best, while typically outgoing and happy they can be hard on themselves and others if they aren’t getting their way.  Since speech is their preferred method of attack they will launch a verbal assault such as gossip and criticism to make others feel bad or to sway others into siding with them.  These quick-thinkers easily connect ideas to come-up with creative solutions and innovative ideas.  Unfortunately, they lack the organization to bring their ideas to life and need to partner with a more grounded person to see things through to fruition.  Gemini II are true people-pleasers and will do what it takes to make someone happy.  They also like to be pleased in relationships, if they are not happy they will seek out someone who will give them what they need.  This doesn’t mean that Gemini II will leave their partner, once their needs are met by the other person their loyalty will lead them back to the primary lover.

 Gemini III June 12-21 

The last decan of Gemini is concerned with the tangible more so than those born the other weeks.  Gemini III’s theme is adventure and flexibility; they are  motivated to fearlessly explore life and to reach beyond normal limitations. In general, Gemini strengths aren’t organization, focus, or project completion; however, Gemini III does better in these areas than earlier decans.  Naturally good with money and business; they are often looked upon as leaders. The secret is that Gemini III don’t seek to possess money but understand the freedom that it brings.  Similarly, while they are looked at as leaders, they don’t necessarily like to lead.  They are creative and like to be of assistance to others whenever they can but leadership is a responsibility that may limit their ability to be adventurous and free.  For those born this week, life is an adventure and they like to actively experience it.  In this decan there is a shift from the need for experiences through thinking and communicating into more tangible methods like taste, travel, touching, analyzing and action taking.  Imposed rules and restrictions are a complete turn-off to IIIs; however, they will self-impose restrictions if they feel it is needed.  Gemini III are very insightful about the needs of others and like to keep people happy; they never like to hurt peoples’ feelings and can be considered people-pleasers.  They are not above telling lies and exaggerating the truth to keep people happy and keep themselves from being rejected.  IIIs are known to run hot and cold with their emotions in relationships.  Although they have a strong desire for emotional connection and affection they also like variety and change.  Their hot and cold behavior is a tactic to create distance so that they don’t feel bad when they seek out something new.



  • Ta-Ta February 1, 2014 at 3:56 am

    OMG!!! You hit the nail on the head. I am in group 2 and I know Gemini’s in one and three. We are all like you described. I love it. Thanks you!


  • Juan Carlos May 1, 2014 at 3:15 pm

    You sure got the descriptions down to the T! Coming from a family of Geminis in all three decans and being one myself I can say you sure know what you are talking about! 🙂


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