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Full Moon in Cancer

Today’s Full Moon in Cancer on December 25th also falls on Christmas.  Christmas is a day when people spend time with family, following traditions, and falling back into roles from the past. Regardless to if you celebrate Christmas or not, there is an urge to connect with family and the past.  The moon in Cancer deals with matters related to home, family, security, and emotional needs. The sun in Capricorn is about pushing yourself forward and growing into your destiny.  The goal is long-term success and taking care of those you love along the way.

Cancer is the sign of the mother (and also the ruler of the moon) and Capricorn is the sign of the father. Ironically, the sun sits across from the moon in the sky today (probably something similar going on at the dinner table); creating an urge to reflect on the past, traditions, and the things that make us feel safe and loved while at the same time there could be a feeling to break free of those constraints or make changes that are future oriented.  Your family, career, and mindsets may not align with family or traditional ideas but as long as you are happy and in a positive space, that’s ok. Those things from the past make us who we are but that doesn’t mean that we have to always behave or think in those ways.   It’s OK to break or change traditions, especially if it allows growth and advancement to take place.

During this Full Moon cycle, we are being called to reflect on the influence of family, traditions, and our emotional needs while detaching from ideas, actions, and beliefs that don’t represent who we are now or our evolving self.  It’s time to push forward, step out of our comfort zone, set new goals, take charge, heal, grow, and evolve.

More Insight

If you are a Cancer, Cancer rising, or have any planets in your natal chart at 3º (+/- 5°) Cancer or Capricorn this full moon will resonate more strongly with you.  Also, what ever house Cancer is in in your chart is the area of life where you will full the focus of this moon.   If you need your birth chart, I can help with that here.


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