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Full Moon in Scorpio: Dark Beginning, Bright Ending

It happened on the full moon in Scorpio…doesn’t that sound like the beginning of a dark, chilling story. Scorpio has a reputation for being dark, deep, and a little scary.  However, the full moon in Scorpio on April 22nd (April 21st pacific time) will be full of self-awareness and opportunity for personal transformation; all the good things that Scorpio is affiliated with.

Scorpio, the Fear-Slayer

Change is hardly ever easy even if we know it’s necessary; think about how hard it is for some people to break bad habits even for health reasons or walk away from relationships even when they are unhappy.  There is a level of comfort in the familiar even when we know things aren’t right.  The vibes from the full moon in Scorpio will give us the courage to deal with and move past the difficult themes that are unfolding.

Scorpio is the Fear-Slayer of the zodiac.  Scorpio will look fear in the eyes and invite it for coffee to better understand what’s behind the fear and how to transform it into something more beneficial and then proceed to light it on fire to get rid of it once and for all. Scorpio is intrigued by the human condition and physic.  It understands that everything has a shadow; that we need both the light and the dark to be complete. Scorpio isn’t afraid of the dark, it can actually thrive there.  The beauty in this is once we face fears and get down to the nitty-gritty we are able to transform into something new, better and more successful.

Let It Go!

Quick reminder, full moons are a time when we either harvest the positive rewards or release what didn’t work. Either way, the purpose is to clean our slate in order to start over fresh on the new moon that typically occurs about 2 weeks after a full moon.

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It Maybe Dark but the Path is Bright

A full moon is an emotional time, people tend to be more sensitive and openly expressive of their feelings.  During this full moon, your feelings and subconscious thoughts will definitely float to the surface of your conscious mind; however, many of the planets that the moon will be interacting with are in earth signs, including the sun (Taurus); earth signs help to create grounding and practicality.  The force of earth will be strong, thanks to what is called a Grand Trine in earth signs.  This means that there are 3 or more planets combining their energy in a supportive way.  In this case, we have Jupiter (luck and optimism), Pluto (big transformation), and Mercury (thoughts and communication) sending practical and grounding energy helping us realize that by completely letting go and changing our thoughts and actions we will be rewarded for our efforts.  Basically, things will start to click and make sense in a way they didn’t in the past.

personal growth

Completely release the old to bring out a better version of yourself.

If you are wondering where this major transformation and growth is taking place life… you actually already know.   This theme has been going on since at least December.  The lunar eclipses in March brought a lot of things to light and set some things in motion and this full moon is another opportunity to release any residual garbage lurking around.  Since Scorpio likes to go deep; you will likely uncover some root-cause things about yourself and other people.  Scorpio, like all water signs, operate on the sensing/feeling plane; intuition will be strong and you may know things without having to be told.  Secrets and mysteries may also reveal themselves at this time as an extra boost to push you along your path.

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Hmmm…maybe this does sound a bit like a chilling, thriller. However, I can promise you that all things are working towards the good.  There is light and better days ahead.  Afterall, the moon is brightest when it’s full.

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