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How to Conduct a Fire Release Ritual

This fire release exercise is a simple, yet powerful ritual to release unwanted energies, mindsets, and attachments in order to create space for new intentions to grow and thrive.  By conducting this ritual you create a space to release attachments and roadblocks that are stagnating growth such as fear, grief, resentment, bad habits, unhealthy attachments to people, and belief systems that no longer serve your highest good.  By physically burning these things you are setting your intention to permanently remove them from your life, to heal yourself, and to invite positive energy into your life.

A release ceremony naturally resonates with the powerful release energy of a full moon; this is the best time to conduct one.  A release rituals can also be used during a new moon to release old energy before setting new intentions. Truthfully, any time you feel stuck or have a strong urge to let something go is a good time to conduct a release ritual.

Gather Your Tools

1. Locate a fire resistant container, it can be a stone dish, a container wrapped in aluminum foil, or even a barbecue grill.  If you have access to a fireplace or open-pit that’s even better.

2. Paper and pen

3. Think about how you will extinguish the flame if necessary. If you are using a something small the flame will likely extinguish its self  but have something available in case something unexpected happens.

Conducting the Ritual

  1. Ask spirit to join you in the process to strengthen your ability to release. This can be God, your ancestors, the universe, or divine energy. Achieve this by  simply saying spirit’s name and asking it to join you.  You can also say a prayer or read something that hold spiritual significance to you.
  2.  Tear a piece of paper into strips and write down the things you want to release, one per strip of paper. Be specific – it could be feelings, bad habits, energy, mindsets/belief systems, or connections to specific people or situations.
  3. If you are using something small like a flame resistant bowl you can light one of the strips of paper and drop it into the container and then begin to light the other strips of paper from that flame and dropping them in and so on until all strips are burned.  If you are using a fire place or open-pit you will need to build and light your fire in advance.
  4. Light the fire and then focus your energy on the flame.  Slowly, one by one throw the pieces of paper into the flame.  As the paper dissolves feel the blockages dissolve away from your mind and your spirit.  You can even say a few words affirming your release of those things over your life.
  5. Spend some time staring into the flame, continue to focus on how light and energized you feel after releasing those things.  Write down your feelings and any insights that you experience.
  6. Close the ritual by giving gratitude and then extinguish the flame (if necessary).


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