Astrology and Tarot Readings

Every Friday night 5-9pm at Aum Shanti Bookshop. Walk-ins welcome

Full Moon Circle

October 3 6:30-8:30pm Minka 1120 Washington Ave. Brooklyn

Full Moons are our monthly opportunity to accept the ending of a cycle. We either harvest the fruits of our labor or have to accept that things didn’t turn out as planned. Either way, this period is a time of reflection, healing, self-love, and release. The Moon Circle is a space where women can gain insight, be vulnerable, and support each in growth. We will look at the astrology of the full moon to understand where we are being called to release and heal, partake in a ceremonial release ritual to remove mental and emotional blocks, and set our intentions for manifestation and growth for the beginning of the next moon phase.

For October our focus is on fiery Aries which represents our need for individuality while balancing that energy with the goals of connection and harmony during Libra season. Special guest Sunder Ashni, will lead us in a powerful meditation to help us to connect to our inner fire while remaining fair and considerate to achieve harmony with-in and out. Exploring the ego and ego-centric mindsets will bring wisdom to what we need to dispel for better outcomes in our relationships.

Astrology Basics: Foundations of Astrology and Reading a Natal Chart

In this 3 part class we will dive into the basics of astrology including the planets, the zodiac signs, the astrological wheel, and simple aspects.  This basic information will open up a deeper level of understanding of the universe’s influence on your personality as well as how it’s currently impacting daily life.

We will touch on the meaning of the sun, moon, and rising in a natal chart, the elements of the zodiac signs, and how to pinpoint where a planet (such as Mercury or Venus) is currently impacting your life.

Classes are held weekly via Zoom meeting app (we will not meet in person).  Dates are Thursdays – October 12, 19, and 26  from 7-9:30 pm (EST)

Elevation Retreat December 1 – 6 in Costa Rica

Carmen Mayes and Sunder Ashni host a 5 day spiritually renewing retreat to reflect, release, and recharge amidst the final full moon of 2017. The final full moon of the year invites us to tap into our higher consciousness, draw close to spirituality, speak our personal truth, and embrace personal freedom as a means of personal elevation as we prepare to move into 2018.

This inclusive retreat includes

  • Room and 3 meals a day
  • Airport transfers
  • Daily yoga, meditation, nature walk
  • Full Moon Circle and release ritual
  • Hot Springs excursion
  • Labyrinth meditation
  • Shamanic Journey
  • Private Session with Carmen and Ashni

Accommodations at the Mystica Resort start at $1350 for double occupancy; initial deposit of $500 due upon registration.

Contact for information and to RSVP: