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Easy Moon Ritual

Here is a simple moon ritual you can do at home to help let go of blockages and old stuff that is weighing you down in order to attract new opportunities and fresh starts.

What you will need

  •  A 7 day burning candle (select a color appropriate for your needs)
  • Sage
  • A notepad or journal

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First, right down your intentions or what you want to accomplish.  New moons are best used to attract new things, start new regimens, or initiate new plans or structures.  Full moons are used to cultivate, release and rid yourself of blockages, old ways of thinking or doing, or even getting rid of people and tasks that no longer fit.  Keep your list specific, yet short and sweet.

Next, burn some sage to detox your personal energy and the energy of your space (home, office, bedroom ect.).  Sage clears away negative vibes and physically relaxes you.  It complements the releasing of the old and the attracting of the new especially during moon cycles or eclipse season.

Lastly, light a candle to strengthen your intentions and to create a specific energy vibe in your space. Candles serve as a petition for our prayers and needs.  Also, the sage cleared out the negative energy, the candle helps to pull a fresh new energy into your space.

Figure out what color candle you need

As the candle burns, think of the melting wax as all of the blockages and things you need to release melting away.  The flame represents the strengthening of your will and the illumination of your path.  Your candle should burn for 5-7 days.  Spend some time each day reading over and reflecting on your intentions, say a prayer, or meditate.

How to Attract What you Need with Candles

Remember, the magic is in you Writing things down makes them realistic, releasing old energy makes room for new things to flow in,  praying and reflecting on the things you want gives them life and helps you attract them to you.  But for these things to work you must have faith in yourself and that the universe is bringing you what you need at this very moment.

I’d love to hear your experience with moon rituals, feel free to share them with me in the comments.


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