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Drake is Emo for a Reason, He is a Scorpio!

Drake, October's Very Own, is Team Scorpio

Drake, October’s Very Own, is Team Scorpio

October’s Very Own (OVO), Drake, was born October 24th and you can tell through his music that he is definitely Team Scorpio.  When I first heard this Rapper/ wanna be R&B crooner I knew instantly he was a Scorpio.  Here’s how:

  He is n-Touch with His Emotions 

 Scorpios, like all water signs express themselves through emotion.   Scorpios feel emotion very intensely and they internalize those feelings; they explore their emotions in order to learn from them.  The Scorpio sign represents new beginnings through death (or final endings); to that end, Scorps are comfortable with exploring the dark side of things, the unconscious, the hidden, and with confronting their demons.   Scorpios are about getting to the heart of the matter, baring their soul, sharing the experience with another (in Drake’s case, his fans) as a form of healing. Drake shares his emotional journey and discovery through his music.  He is not ashamed of his this journey, it is because of his emotional discovery  that he can move forward in a new way.  He most likely feels transformed by his experiences.

 He is an Achiever  

Like he said in the song,” I Just Wanna be Successful.”  Scorpios are excellent at achieving their goals (positive or negative). Scorpios are fixed, water signs.  Fixed signs are concerned with nurturing and maintaining ideas or projects to accomplish success and security; they will see it through until the end.  Scorpios will put in the time and effort to not only achieve a goal but also ensure that it continues to thrive.  Clearly, young Aubrey had a plan to use his creative talent to become successful and famous.  He started acting, ended that (death to Jimmy), recreated himself as a new person-Drake, and then launched his music career.  Driven by his goal of success and fueled by his ego, he went the independent route. He wasn’t going to wait for corporate backing or anyone’s approval of his work.  Along the way he hooked up with Lil’ Wayne as a means to expand his music distribution, gain access to more of the music industry, and further his career overall.  Scorpio is the sign of joint resources, especially money. Scorpios are excellent at building partnerships, acquiring investors and even getting people to give freely in order to advance a goal or business venture; and this is exactly what he did.  I’m sure Drake never saw his relationship with YMCMB as permanent, remember he started independently, he most likely saw that relationship as a stepping stone to get him to the next level.  I attended his  #CRWN interview at NYU where  he said, “I came up under YMCMB but I am my own artist. I represent them as much as possible but at the end of the day I’m Drake.”

 He has an Ego 

Yeah, it’s clear that Drake has hella self-confidence, he made it happen, his team is winning, the ladies love him, and if he ain’t wit ya, then F-u!  However, he doesn’t come off as threatening or angry but more so as  highly confident in his abilities and what he knows to be true about himself – that is his ego.  Scorpios have a single-minded, self-centered and focused energy attributed to its ruling planet Mars.  Mars is that hot planet, the roman god of war that  links us to our physical force, our aggressive side, and our sexual appetite.  When Mars is dropped into watery, emotional Scorpio it cools things down, just a bit.  Instead of physical force, Scorpio will use emotional warfare and manipulation to get what it wants (this includes sex).  Scorps prefer to beat you with their achievements than with their fist; emotional whoopings last longer.  Scorpio displays their self-centeredness by bragging, “look what I bought”, “look  what I accomplished”, “look who I know” instead of in an obnoxious, attention craving way.  While they are basking in their glory they will make sure you notice their spotlight from your position in the sideline.



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