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Don’t Get Scared, Be Prepared – Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Mercury Retrograde in ScorpioThis year has been full of retrogrades, we started the year with Venus in retrograde, then Mars did some backtracking in early spring, and Mercury is  now in the last of  it’s 3 retrogrades of the year.  With all this back-paddling, I’m sure you have been feeling like this has been a tricky year full of back and forth or reoccurring themes.  Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio for three weeks , October 4-25, and then thankfully it will be direct for the rest of the year!  When Mercury goes retrograde there are always more hiccups, missteps, and breakdowns.  I guess that’s why people are always complaining about how awful life is during retrogrades.

Mercury Retrograde in Scorpio

Mercury controls our thought processes, communication style, and the methods used to communicate and travel.  Mercury is typically quick, logical, and direct.  So when it goes retrograde all of the aforementioned gets screwed up. Scorpio is a water sign that is concerned with relationships, emotional connections, rebirth, and mastery.  When Mercury is in Scorpio it wants to learn and understand through its feelings, it relies on vibes and intuition instead of what can be seen.  Scorpio is cautious and secretive it doesn’t  lay all of its cards out on the table but will give bits of information as it sees necessary.  Scorpio is intense, dominating, and not afraid to get to the heart of the matter.  In the pursuit of mastery and healing, Scorpio knows it has to kill off the bad parts so that the good can successfully thrive.  With that in mind, here are ways to prepare for this Mercury retrograde.

  • Keep Your Emotions in Check – Scorpio is very intuitive and seeks to connect with people and understand situations on an emotional and sensing plane.  However, with Mercury in retrograde your intuition may be slightly off.  Make sure your intuition isn’t being clouded by your personal emotional fog.
  • Bridge the Gaps – Scorpio energy heals.  During retrogrades people and places from our past tend to pop-up.  When this happens look for an opportunity to make a meaningful connection, improve a situation, or create a new way.  Create a bridge between the past and present to allow a good energy flow between the two.
  • Keep Communications Up Front and Clear –  Things related to communication and understanding definitely gets slowed down and jammed-up during a retrograde.  With Mercury in Scorpio people may be more secretive and emotionally manipulative.  Don’t play these games with people.  Keep things up front, clear, and always follow-up.
  • Don’t Be Brand New – Now is not the time to start anything new – don’t sign a contract, by new electronic devices, purchase a car, plan a trip, or make any  serious commitment. It’s really logical, if you start something  in a backward motion it will have a hard time stopping and switching directions; it’s will lose force and energy trying to make the switch. However, if you already planned a trip before the retrograde or you are going back to something from the past, things will workout well.
  • Prepare for the Worse – But don’t expect it. Retrogrades are the times when your phone gets lost, your computer breaks, your transmission blows, your flight gets canceled, and your emails don’t get delivered.  It’s very probable that anything related to travel and communication will break or get screwed-up.  And of course these things aren’t ever cheap or easy to fix.  Take your time, be careful, follow-up, double-check and have a savings for unexpected repairs.

I’d love to hear what interesting things popped up  on you during the retrograde.


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