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A New Vision Under the Gemini Full Moon

The last full moon of the year takes place December 13, 2016 at 7:06 pm (EST). This full moon is literally our last opportunity to release blockages, stagnate mindsets, and to heal before we move into a new year with new opportunities.  This final full moon takes place, fittingly enough, in the zodiac sign Gemini.  Gemini is a mutable air sign, which means its energy is focused on bringing change to the way we think and communicate.  Gemini accomplishes this through learning, sharing information, and revitalizing the existing with a fresh dose of creativity.  This is the exactly the energy we need as we move away from 2016.  What are you going to leave behind and how can you breathe new life into what you decide to take into the future?

On a surface level, the moon in Gemini will put us in a social mood.  We will gain both energy and comfort from spending time with others, sharing ideas, and learning new things.  A dose of social energy is always good this time of year.  The moon in Gemini may also make it hard to focus on one thing for too long.  It may seem like you have lots of things on your mind and not enough energy to give to everything.  This is because Gemini prefers instant gratification and  isn’t  overly concerned with fine details or follow-though.

On a deeper level,  you will definitely find yourself carving out personal time to reflect on your next steps, what’s important now, and what new approach can be taken to obtain your goals.  Remember, full moons represent release but also balance, in particular a balance between the energy of the sun and the moon. The sun is in Sagittarius, the truth-seeker and goal-chaser of the zodiac.  Therefore, we will find ourselves balancing how to apply the fresh perspectives, new ideas, and overall mental energy of the moon in the real-world take action ways of the sun.

The days surrounding the full moon will bring up lots of creativity, new ideas, and even mental breakthroughs thanks to the Gemini moon but also from the other planets that are in the mix.  In particular, the moon is having a difficult conversation with Neptune that stirs up both creativity and emotions.  This combination can make it difficult to discern the truth and can cloud judgement. Reality could feel like fantasy (or vise versa) for the next few days but then the fog of fantasy will shift, allowing reality to shine through.  It’s best to hold off on making serious or long-lasting commitments right now.  On the flip side, this intense energy will open-up your imagination allowing creative breakthroughs to flow. This is a good thing if you are a future planning or working on a project but can create drama when it comes to understanding or expressing your true feelings.

“This intense energy could open-up your imagination allowing creative breakthroughs to flow.”

This full moon has the potential to spark some fun, flirtatious, and creative seduction when it forms a positive aspect to Venus in Aquarius. Gemini and Aquarius are both air signs so mental stimulation and creative expression will run high. Verbal expression of love and lust becomes paramount; anything you think and feel is likely to flow from your lips and turn into an exciting, stimulating game of pleasure.  This creative, fun, and logical approach can also help you when it comes to business partnerships or getting noticed at work.

“Share your unique and forward-focused ideas now and  get noticed by the right people.”

One of the strongest energies in the universe right now is the union between the sun and Saturn.  You’ll recall that Saturn is the hard-nose, no non-sense professor of the zodiac.  Where the sun in Sagittarius is trying to be great and run after what it wants, Saturn is grabbing him by the tail to slow things down for a dose of practicality and planning. Passion and will-power are at an all time high right now; however, expect to meet challenges that will make you work harder for what you want versus being able to just go and take it.

“This stifling can lead to frustration and maybe even some forcefulness.  If you meet challenges, it’s the universe trying to teach you something!”

The final new moon of the year is a perfect blend of fun, social, and imaginative energy launching us into the holiday season while at the same time giving us a dose of mental energy needed to envision a new reality for yourself in the upcoming months.  As you begin to decide what you want going forward, take some time to write down what’s standing in your way.  Those blockages, old mindsets, and wounds that need healing should be released during this full moon.  Here are simple steps to creating the perfect full moon release ritual.


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