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Daily Rituals to Align Mind, Body, and Spirit

Today is gonna be a good day! If you believe and want this to be true you can’t passively wait to see what happens, you have to take things into your hands to ensure it turns out that way.  One way to start your day off right is by showing love to and reminding the different parts of yourself  (body, mind, and spirit) of their individual purpose and how they contribute to the overall success of you having a good day.  Here are a few easy and relatively quick rituals to add to your daily routine to set yourself up for a good day.


The body is the machine that handles all of our biological functions to keep us alive and physically moves us through the world.  While we sleep the body uses this down time to get lot’s of its work done.  After 6-8hrs of not eating or drinking and laying down the best thing you can do is to rehydrate and move around to jump start the flow of the body.   Two simple ways to do this is to drink a glass of lemon water and to stretch.

Lemon Water

Lemon naturally jump starts our digestive functions, helps flush fat from our system, and is a natural source of  Vitamin C.  I’m a pretty simple girl when it comes to preparing my lemon water.  I simply cut the top off one lemon, pour 6-8 oz of water into a glass each morning, and then squeeze about 1 -2 teaspoons of lemon juice into the glass. One lemon last me about a 5 days.  Another option is to prepare your ahead of time by filling a pitcher  or large thermos with water and adding the juice and pulp from 2-3 lemons.


My stretching routine can be called basic at best but I feel looser and more agile afterwards.  I’m not stretching for a marathon but to warm my body up and get it moving again after being asleep. Spend 3-10 minutes first thing in the morning(whatever your schedule allows) doing a full body stretch.

Here are some basic stretches to try


daily cleanse

Simple Lemon Water Recipe : 6-8 ounces of water and fresh lemon juice


Start each day in gratitude.  Giving gratitude first thing in the morning reminds us of our many blessings and opens our hearts to giving and being kind throughout the day.  After expressing gratitude I always follow with aligning my spirit with my higher purpose.  Spiritual alignment creates a focal point that I can always go back to when I have to make a decision, am faced with a confrontational situation, or are being asked to do something I really don’t want to do.  Spiritual alignment isn’t just for major situations, it helps you deal with angry clients, needy spouses, or the 3rd street  rapper in 5 minutes asking you to support his mixtape. Essentially aligning with your spirit (or higher purpose) daily helps you answer the question, “Are my thoughts and actions in line with my higher purpose?”  To align my spirit, I came up with a phrase that represents my purpose and I spend a few minutes thinking about it and asking God to keep me aligned with that purpose through the day even in difficult situations.


Getting your mind right allows you to physically achieve the tasks of your spirit.  I am a huge fan of The 4 Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz (if you haven’t read it head over to Amazon after reading this and order it). One of the 4 agreements is To Always Do Your Best; however, your best will change depending on  circumstances and situations.  Regardless of the mood you woke up in, doing at least one of these things will mentally set you up for success and help you do your best throughout the day.


The word Gospel is translates to Good News.  Before you feed your mind a dose of gossip, twitter beefs, or the sad state of affairs of national news get some Good News through God (regardless of your religion). When you pray you align your spirit and mind at the same time by giving gratitude and taking in God’s higher purpose for you.


I love affirmations!  They are an excellent way to lift yourself up when you feel low but also a wonderful way strengthen your self-esteem, purpose, and to attract what you want.  You can find affirmations on the internet but I like to come up with my own.  Regardless, your affirmations should speak to very specific things that you either need to build, strengthen, or affirm within yourself.  You can spend a few minutes reciting your affirmations daily, like after you brush your teeth, during your morning commute, or in those quiet moments enjoying a cup of coffee or tea.  The trick to affirmations is consistency; they must be done daily to be effective.

If you need some inspiration for affirmations check out these by Louis Hay.


I’m still working on improving my meditation skills and consistency. However, when done correctly, meditation allows you to quiet your mind thereby creating inner peace.  Creating peace allows you to view and act on situations from a different perspective than if you are angry, anxious, or scared.

If you are up for a challenge try the Deepak Chopra and Oprah 21 Day Meditation Challenge.


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