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Candle Color Meanings

There are no coincidences in the universe, everything serves a purpose and has a meaning and that includes colors.  According to Universal Law and the Law of Physics everything is energy and all energy carries a vibration.  This is true for everything – including colors.

Think about how you feel when you walk into a bright yellow room (uplifted), see a women in a red dress (passion), or step on lush green grass (peaceful and connected).   You instinctively feel the energy of colors just by seeing them.  You can consciously attract energies by surrounding yourself with specific colors.

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The color of the candle you select for aromatherapy, meditation, and rituals should correspond to the energy you want to attract or what you want to manifest into your life.  Actually, these color meanings can be used to create a mood or attract energy to anything, keep this in mind when you are deciding what color outfit to wear, picking a color to paint your walls, and even selecting the color for your new car.  If you plan to burn candles during moon cycles, specifically a full or new moon, select a candle that represents the energy you want to attract to help you achieve your goals.

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White attracts purity, renewal, and protection.  Burn a white candle when you want to attract energy to heal, purify, or for mental or spiritual renewal.  White candles are good to burn during cleanses such as spiritual renewals, religious traditions, and even body cleansing and detox.  White is linked with spiritual connection and intuition and therefore is associated with Moon.

Yellow attracts positivity, confidence, happiness, and optimism.  Burn a yellow candle when you want to boost your energy, attract optimism to yourself, or be a source of positive energy to others.  Yellow brings instant feelings of happiness and hope, it’s hard to be down when you are surrounded by yellow.  Yellow is associated with the Sun because it’s energy is bright, positive, and warm.

Orange stimulates creativity, motivation, intellectual ideas, and focus.  Orange is the color to use when you need to get those creative juices flowing, need a new way of looking at things, want to share ideas or information, or need to buckle down and focus.  Orange energy is a great combination of creativity and success which makes it perfect for dealing with business, career, school, and big project related matters.   Orange is related to thoughts, ideas, communication, and logic which  fall under the realm of the planet Mercury.

Pink represents purity, selfless, and  the unconditional value of love.  This is not the love tied to sex and romance, but the deep caring and affection you feel for those that are extremely important to you such as, friends, family, and self.  Pink attracts pure love and love healing.  If you feel undervalued, depressed, or your self-esteem is low, use pink as a reminder to love yourself, self-love is more important than any other kind of love.  If you have been hurt or have a relationship that needs healing, pink is a reminder of the love bond between you and the other person.  If you are looking for a serious relationship I suggest burning a pink candle instead of red.  Red is for passion and lust but if you want something long-term and meaningful pink is the way to go.  Pink is affiliated with the highest form of love, beauty, and self-worth for these reasons it’s tied to the planet Venus.

Red inspires us to release or pursue our inner most desires, it gives us confidence and determination.  Red  is the color of aggression, assertion, passion, physical action, and love.  Burn a red candle when you need to outwardly express your passion and strength in any area of your life  – career, self-esteem, love, or the pursuit of goals.  Passion is what makes us go after what we want; unfortunately, passion can fade over time, we fear rejection, or we worry about stepping on other people’s toes so we smother our passions. When this happens it’s time to renew your drive, belief in your talents, or rekindle your love.  Red represents strength, power, and ego – no wonder it’s linked to the planet of war and power, Mercury.

Blue attracts soothing, healing, tranquility, blessings, and self-confidence.  Blue harnesses the power of spiritual awareness that is in and around us.  When we hit hard patches in life, we can become unsure of what road to take or what do to next, that uncertainty leads to emotional repression and insecurity – we stop expressing ourselves.  If you feel this, it’s time to release and heal.  Similar to how we visit the ocean or stare up at the sky for peace of mind, the color blue reminds us that there is a greater power helping us along the way, we gain mental clarity, feelings of calmness and peace wash over us, and we are able to reconnect with our personal truths.  This healing and clarity transforms our sense of faith in ourselves, allows us to receive our blessings, and inspires us to share our talents with the world.   The planet Neptune is associated with the underworld of the sea and governs compassion, creativity, and spiritualism.

Purple is used to attract wisdom, spiritual guidance, and empowerment.  Purple’s energy attracts high level energy and divine guidance for clarity, strength, and understanding for matters of great significance.  Purple strengthens our natural intuition, our connection to God and spiritual guides, and the universe.  It helps us understand the unseen or unknown and gives us the power to take action in these areas.  Purple represents a high form of enlightenment and is associated with royalty, the Crown Chakra, and Jupiter – the planet of expansion, optimism and truth.

Green is the color of abundance, growth, prosperity, and money.  Use this color when you need to attract material success into your life such as a new job, promotion, increase opportunities for gain, or just need more money to come your way.  Green is also associated with the earth and its ability to create, in that vein it’s energy can strengthen your creativity, help you to nurture your ideas for success, and even make you fertile (looking to get preggers?).  The planet Venus rules love, self-worth, and physical possessions and is associated with the color green.

The energy of the color black absorbing rather than expresses.  Black is a powerful color in that it absorbs negativity and sadness.  Black is used to repel negative energy, sadness, and loss.  If you have overwhelming sadness or negativity around you that you can’t shake off, a black candle can help transfer that energy.  Burn a black candle to rid yourself of a negative situation, person, or energy.  Black candles are typically burned with another color, such as white for example.  The black candle absorbs the negative energy and the other color attracts  a specific positive energy to you.  The planet Pluto is represented by the color black for its transformative energy.  Pluto brings positive changes through difficult circumstances.



  • Toya February 19, 2015 at 7:53 am

    I never realized colors had energy. Sure, I knew there are ones that make me feel a sort of way. Between the yellow for energy, green for wealth and black for negativity….how do I choose?


    • WrittenntheStars March 3, 2015 at 11:08 am

      “They made you feel me kind of way”…that is the energy of the color affecting your mood. I love to add a pop of color to my winter wardrobe for this reason, it gives me a boost of energy and good spirits.


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