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Cancer Motto: I feel therefore I am

Cancer Motto: I feel therefore I am

Cancer is ruled by the moon.  The moon governs our inner-most needs for emotional security and our unconscious reactions based on our past experiences. Similarly, Cancer is associated with deep feelings, emotion and protection.  Cancer is a cardinal sign meaning they are creators, initiators and doers – natural leaders.  Cancers  don’t typically have strong personalities therefore, they leadership style isn’t strong or forceful. Instead, they assertive, go-getters that can be relied on for a creative ideas or solutions. Cancer’s natural nurturing and comforting personality puts people at ease opens them up to being receptive to Cancer and to follow their lead.

The Cancer sign is associated with parenting (specifically, the mother) for this reason they are some of the best people to turn to in a time of need.  Cancers are there with open-arms, a listening ear, a warm plate and a cozy, comfortable home whenever you need one.  They are nurturers and protectors of themselves and others.  While Cancers readily dive-in to help others, they are protective of their feelings and only open up to people they truly trust.  When feeling down, they quickly retreat into themselves mentally  (emotions/feelings) and physically (a safe place like home or bedroom).  Cancers thrive on their emotional connections with others.  They need to feel loved, included and appreciated.  When Cancer isn’t feeling their best they can become, clingy, insecure and needy and has been known to create drama where none exist, just for the emotional charge.

Crabs walk sideways, similarly Cancers also take an indirect path when dealing with challenges.  Although their first line of defense maybe to retreat inwardly, don’t get it confused, Cancer will defend itself if need be.  Their keen ability to pick-up on the energy and emotions of others helps them read people quickly and accurately. Instead of fighting, they prefer to strike with emotional warfare or manipulation.   This sensitivity and receptive nature makes them Crabs emotional sponges, soaking up the moods and emotions of others.  Cancer, do yourself a favor, keep the company of positive, happy people and detach from negative people and situations, for your own sanity.  Learn to recognize your awesomeness without seeking validation from outside sources.

 Cancer I  June 22-July 2

The moon has the strongest influence over Cancer I compared to the Cancer decans. Their emotional side and  nurturing traits are more intense compared to Cancer II and III.   Cancer I is known to be emotionally complex, highly empathetic or physic, extremely loving and generous and is comfortable secluding themselves for long periods of times.  Their heightened ability to feel the energy of others lets them tailor their personality to fit the person they are dealing with by absorbing some of that person’s energy and reflecting it back onto them.  The down side is that they are absorbing so many different energies they can lose a sense of their own feelings and become angry, resentful and moody which leaves friends and family confused.  Cancer I has a strong need to love and be loved in return, this brings them true happiness.

Cancer II July 3-July 11

Cancer II is known as the unconventional.  They tend to live in a fantasy world, are very private, and take interest in the dark or unpleasant side of life.  These Crab guards their secrets and personal life well so their unconventional side isn’t  immediately obvious to others.  Cancer IIs can be emotionally aggressive which  presents itself in the form of moodiness, jealousy and embarrassing displays – close friends and family are all too familiar.   Cancer II’s vivid imagination breeds creativity that can lead to great success in areas outside of their regular 9-5, they just need a little help from close friends or family to help put the wheels in motion.  Cancer II can come across as shy but they are actually fun-loving, free spirits once they are comfortable with you.  They are extremely intuitive and compassionate, for this reason friends and family love to have them around in both fun settings and during rough times when comfort and support is needed.

Cancer III  July 12-July 22

Cancer III  represents the evolution of the Cancer sign’s  mastery of their emotions. Those born this week have more emotional awareness and insert logic into their gut feelings.  By exhibiting greater  control of their innate sensing abilities  and emotions, their actions and reactions come across as rational and the result of proper analysis versus knee-jerk emotion response. Cancer III also has a greater self-awareness of their capabilities and their weakness and instead of allowing their weaknesses to take them to a clingy, insecure place they use them to fuel their ambition to succeed.  Like all Cancers, IIIs will  retreat into themselves or to a safe space when they are not their best but those born this week understand that they need to work to improve themselves and use their time alone for this purpose.  Cancer III has a strong supportive and nurturing spirit that friends and family gladly indulge in.  They are also likely to lend the same dedication and support to a group or cause to help the greater good.  Cancer III can be controlling, this stems from a strong urge to help the ones they care for, they think their way is the best way.


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