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Candle Magic: How to Attract What You Want

Burning candles to attract or manifest specific things in your life, better know as Candle Magic, goes backs to forever.  Candle Magic is directly rooted with spiritual rituals and is practiced in every religion in the world. Have you ever lit candles during visuals in honor of the dead, during holidays, at baptisms, or during special meals? These are all forms of candle magic – the practice of attracting specific energy or honoring the spiritual world through the use of fire.

Candle Magic can also be used in your personal life to attract or remove people, energy, love, illness, money, just about anything. Here are some tips on burning candles to effectively attract what you want.

Have a Clear and Specific Purpose

Candle Magic works by strengthening your powers of attraction.  This magic (your personal magic) works in conjunction with the universal law of natural order.  Keep this in mind when deciding what you want to attract; is it right, are you hurting anyone, is it inline with divine order?  You can use candle magic to attract just about anything.  Similarly, you can remove things from you life such as people, jobs, bad energy and blockages of all kinds.  Whatever your wish is make sure that no one is forced to do anything against their will or suffers for your happiness; you won’t have good luck and it will come back to bite you in the butt!  The best thing to do is focus on yourself or how you can be of better service to others.  Whatever your wish is be specific in purpose and in timing.

Pick a Candle Color

The color of the candle you pick should correlate with what you wish to attract.  Each color vibrates a different energy.  Here are a few examples but check out my candle color guide for a full list of candle color meanings.

White – purity, protection, new beginnings

Pink – love attraction, emotional healing, strengthen relationships, improve self-esteem

Green – manifesting, money, career, fertility, improve practical matters

Purple – spiritual guidance, tapping into divine wisdom, spiritual protection

Orange – Creativity, success, optimism, attracting the right people, improving business

Black – repelling, removing, absorbing negative energy and blocks

Check Out the Moon

The cycles of the moon have a strong influence on our powers of attraction as she indicates the direction of life-force energy.  As the moon moves through her 28 day cycle there are times when she is fertile, times when she releases, and times when she takes a break in preparation for the next cycle or new beginning.  For the best results, burn your candle when the lunar cycle aligns with your purpose.

Burn your candle during the moon’s waxing phase (when the moon is transitioning from new to full) to attract or increase things such as love, money, career or reputation.  The new moon is a time of new beginnings and taking action.

Burn your candle during the moon’ waning phase (when the moon is transitioning from full to new) to release, cleanse, and remove.  During the waning phase life force energy is decreasing and it’s a time of release and analysis instead of moving forward.  Burn candles to rid yourself of illness, to get people to leave you alone, to dismiss legal matters, or remove bad habits and outdated practices.

Here’s a Lunar Cycle Calendar


Pick the Right Day

Each day of the week has a planetary ruler its associated with, a few days of the week are named after its ruler.  After you decide when in the moon’s cycle you need to burn your candle, select the day that will give your wish an extra boost of power.  If you have to prioritize, pick the moon cycle over the day of the week. For example, if you want to attract love Friday is the best day; however, if the moon enters its waning phase on a Friday then you won’t have much success.  Attraction work should always be done during a waxing moon.

Sunday – The Sun’s day. This is an excellent day to burn candles for attraction especially things related to reputation, happiness, success, and creativity.  When you are looking for fast results dealing with promotions, influence, release, and positive expression light your candle on a Sunday.
Colors: Orange, Yellow

Monday – The Moon’s day. Light candles on this day for success dealing with emotional matters, opening doors, and mental clarity/deeper understandings.   The moon is perfect for healing, trusting your intuition, and purification.
Colors: White, Light Blue, Gray

Tuesday – Mar’s day.  Mars is the aggressor, the conquer, chases desires, and exhibits courage. Burn a candle on Tuesday when you need to step things up, close the deal, strengthen your courage to go after something, or want to attract a sexual lover or increase passion.
Color: Red

Wednesday – Mercury’s day.  Mercury is the ruler of communications, mental processes and agility.  Burn candles on Tuesday to communicate more effectively and strengthen your influence over others (work, public speaking, anything where people need to be receptive to your ideas).  Mercury also bring about good luck and can increase knowledge, adds flexible, adapt to change, and consider different perspectives for success.  Wednesday is also a good to reconcile differences with family or friends.
Colors: Orange and Pink (healing relationships only)

Thursday – Jupiter’s Day. Jupiter rules expansion, good luck, and high-minded ideas.  Burn your candle for quick luck, to make people receptive to you, for higher understanding, and to expand your business or get promoted.  Jupiter’s day should use to expand or increase; however, the trick is it can expand in either direction, good and bad.  Make sure whatever you are trying to expand is already in place or exists before you try to expand on it or you may find yourself in an unlucky position.
Colors: Yellow,  Purple

Friday – Venus’ Day.  Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, and worth. Use Friday for romantic matters, attracting true love, strengthening current relationships, healing love, boosting your self-worth, and attracting money.  Since Venus rules Taurus it’s also a good day for attracting abundance, bringing things to fruition, and anything dealing with finances.
colors: Pink, Green

Saturday – Saturn’s Day. Use Saturday when you want major changes to take place for  long-term success.  Saturn deals with hard work, discipline, and longevity so don’t use this day when you need something fast or short-term. This is an excellent day for building your business, attracting wealth, removing long-standing systems or controls, breaking habits, attaining spiritual guidance, and finding lost things.
Colors: Black, Brown, Purple


The last and most important Thing! You are the magic, not the candles. You have to have faith that the things you ask for will come to fruition and believe in your abilities to make it work.








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