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Honor Your Individuality Under the Aries Full Moon

On October 16th the Full Moon in Aries is drawing our attention towards honoring ourself, our individuality, and our natural talents.  Our ambition, willpower, and ability to control our identity will take center stage during this time.  Anything that is holding us back or restricting our natural flow could feel like heavy shackles that must be released by any means necessary.   There have been some pretty powerful energies flowing through the universe over the last few months.  Think back to the major healing, releasing, and new opportunities that took place during eclipse season in September.   In many ways eclipses offer a dose of karmic energy, you get what you deserve, what you experienced was a result of what you have been putting out or what needed to be corrected; you didn’t have a lot of control over things.  The full moon in Aries is the opportunity to take back control, to merge  the changes that you have been going through with who you say you are.

Moon in Aries

As the moon takes on the fiery, passionate characteristics of the Aries zodiac sign we look for emotional satisfaction by expressing our individuality, sharing our talents, ideas, and the things that make us unique.  Aries begins the zodiac, which makes it an initiator or starter sign.  Consequently, you could feel motivated to put wheels in motion and begin a project, job, or other personal endeavor.  Some of the more noticeable characteristics of the moon in Aries is the impulsiveness, quick-temper, and forcefulness of the sign.  The moon in Aries pushes us to take command and get our way, to use our force and willpower to achieve our goals in order to show the world how unique and valuable we are.

Feeling Full of Yourself

Full moons are a time of culmination and release.  When we accept what hasn’t worked and the need to change in order to create success.  We look toward the zodiac sign that the moon is in to understand where in our life we need to change, balance, and release; in this case the moon is in Aries which deals with our personal identity and willpower.  The moon in Aries will be sitting directly across from the sun in Libra trying to help us balance how to be apart of group/relationship without losing our individuality.  The sun in Libra is all about connecting with others and building strong one-to-one bonds as a source of strength.  As we grow our partnerships, the Aries moon is fighting to be recognized for its individual talents and may fear losing itself as it melds into a big pool of togetherness.  Enter into this meeting Pluto (control and major transformation),  Mars (force and willpower), and Uranus (unexpected change and universal truth) adding a powerful dose of unpredictable energy.  Hold on, things may get a little wild!

Earlier this week, the Sun and Pluto started having a difficult meeting called a square.  This meeting was all about pushing us out of our comfort zone so that we could either get started or make a stronger effort in using our talents to attain our goals.  The full moon is supporting this goal by helping us remove obstacles that are keeping us in our comfort zone.  The status quo is beginning to feel uncomfortable, it’s time to get creative, express new ideas, or move into new territory. Typically, full moons are about letting go not starting anew; however, forceful Mars and unpredictable Uranus will create a sense of urgency and compel us to act now.  Something may fall into your lap or lighting could strike in a form of an idea that you must act on; if this happens go for it!

Staying on Track During the Wild Ride

During full moons, emotions bubble up into our conscious mind and often out into the world.  With the moon in Aries, any where you  feel constrained or not in control you will want to rebel and break free.  There will be elements of impulsiveness and wanting to do what you feel and possibly shrugging responsibilities. Retail therapy, lusty encounters, and partying the night away are likely as we try to fulfill our emotional needs to stroke our ego while having some fun.  In general, people may seem like they are on edge and ready to go to war over anything they feel infringes on their personal ideas or sense of entitlement.  Here are some tips to help you stay on track.

  • Get Control of Your Control Issues – Control issues are usually rooted in fear.  We try to protect ourselves and our vulnerabilities by taking control.  If you find yourself being controlling around this time, you could be blocking your growth.  Take some time to think about what you are scared of and why.  Once you acknowledge your fear you can release it.
  • Use Insecurities to Fuel for Your Fire – What you think you can’t is exactly what you can. Honor your uniqueness, don’t be scared to express yourself, dare to be different, and don’t worry if someone doesn’t get your idea. You will be surprised how liberating and empowering it feels to take a risk and bet on yourself.
  • Find Your Grounding – There will be lots of strong energies swirling over the next several days. Aries energy needs a good physical outlet to release stress for mental clarity.  I suggest finding a productive way to release any energy buildups  like going for a run, doing yoga, riding your bike or dancing with friends.  Physical activities will help clear your mind and get your creative juices flowing.








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