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April Run Down: Fire, Retrogrades, and New Starts

It’s officially spring expect for this month to be filled with fresh starts, new beginnings, lot’s of passion, and some ups and downs as we welcome Aries season, celebrate a revitalizing new moon, and navigate both mercury and mars going retrograde . Here are some key points on navigating and finding your opportunities this April.

Aries Season

The sun moved into Aries on March 19 officially kicking of Spring and waking us up from the slow moving winter hibernation and releasing us from the emotional depths of Pisces season.  The last few months may have been spent in a retrospective place, coming to terms with inevitable truths, and dealing with emotions and difficult lessons.  Aries’  message is “Snap Out of It!” it’s time to get to work.

Snap out of it Moonstruck
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and it initiates ideas, creativity, and the need to be recognized for our individual talents.  As a fire sign, Aries brings with it passion, determination, and lot’s of assertion. Get ready to light your personal fire in order to create the life you want and need. You may feel more ambitious, assertive, and maybe even quick-tempered due to the passion Aries unleashes in us all.

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New Moon in Aries

on April 7th we will experience an invigorating new moon in Aries.  Last month there were 2 eclipses that ushered in major shifts to clear physical and emotional space for new beginnings. The result is fresh, fertile “ground” waiting to receive the seeds of our intentions for the next 6 months. There is still a little emotional tenderness and maybe even uncertainty from the events of the March eclipses; however, this new moon can help you change those emotions into fuel for your personal fire. Your focus should be on being true to yourself and setting up new systems and structures that turn your talents into rewards. Let your intuition guide your focus and let your passion steer the attainment of goals.

Mars Retrograde

Mars the fiery, warrior planet  influences our assertion, ambition, impulsive nature, sexuality, and how we pursue the things we want.  If this sounds similar to Aries qualities it’s because  Mars rules the Aries zodiac sign; therefore, Aries has lots of martian qualities.  When Mars goes retrograde on April 17th it may put a slight damper on the plans and ideas you set into motion during the new moon.  When a planet goes into retrograde it’s not functioning at 100%, its energy is less focused and weakened.  When it comes to fiery, forceful Mars this retrograde may have you literally running into a brick wall.  Mars has lots of energy and willpower and prefers to take action vs. thinking things through.  In retrograde, that impulsiveness and forcefulness may get you into trouble or at the very least make people less receptive to your methods.  You may find yourself either smashing your head into a wall in attempt to get through it or standing around trying to figure how to get through it without taking any action.  The trick to getting what you want during Mars retrograde is trying a different approach! Remember we are in a time of new ideas and beginnings, let any frustration you have fuel your creative process and find a new way to get what you want.


mercury retrograde taurus

What Mercury Retrograde in Taurus looks like

Mercury Retrograde

The most feared astrological event of them all; Mercury will go retrograde in the zodiac sign Taurus for 3 weeks beginning April 28th.  Mercury retrograde does cause hiccups with travel, communication, and even our thought processes but it’s not as scary as social media makes it out to be.  Mercury rules communications and mental processes so when it’s retrograde things get foggy, confusing, and can break down all together and that includes your phone, car, and computer.

All the typical mishaps and malfunctions related to mercury retrograde will hold true but with Mercury in Taurus you can expect for issues related to work, money, and even love to hit a few snags as well.   Mercury in Taurus is already pretty slow because Taurus likes to take its time to think, speak, and act and is not very flexible when it comes to accepting new ideas and methods. With retrograde I predict things will slow down even more because Taurus favors sitting still over making an impulsive mistake.  This slowdown may bring out the forceful and stubborn nature of Taurus.  With both mars and mercury retrograde you have to keep your inner bully on complete lock-down or risk getting yourself in a messy situation.

This month will be filled with unexpected snags, miscommunication, standstill, and even some breakdowns due to mars and mercury being in retrograde.  However, the high energy and determination of Aries will help you focus on the positives and achieving your goals.  Aries energy is very self-focused, this month, self-awareness and evaluation will be needed to straddle the fence between aggression and assertion, determination and stubbornness. lastly, the more you are true to yourself and express your creativity the more success you will have.



  • Jon April 6, 2016 at 3:44 pm

    Great information and very detailed! I have been wondering a lot lately about the energy of different months and how it affects us. I will definitely be coming back for more! Question: Do certain people born under certain signs feel more or less connected to the different energies of the months? For instance, I am a Pieces, would I feel the effects of this month more or less than an Aries would?


    • WrittenntheStars April 7, 2016 at 11:29 am

      Thank you Jon for your feedback. To answer your question, yes, the energy of certain zodiac signs will resonate more strongly with some people based on their zodiac sign. For example, Aries and Aries rising people are really feeling the strength of Aries season because they are “home” so to speak. The themes and energy of this season will be felt strongly. We each have a little bit of all the zodiac signs within us – if you have your natal chart/birth chart you can see where in terms of what house you have Aries and that is where in your life the energy of Aries will most impact you.


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