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New Moon in Aries: Rise to New Heights

April 7, 2016 we will experience a revitalizing new moon in Aries!  As you may know, new moons usher in new beginnings. It’s a time when the universe is open to receiving the seeds of our goals, wants, and desires in order to nurture them into fruition in the coming months.  This new moon is also a Supermoon because it will appear very large in the sky.  New things started around this time are kissed with an extra dose of luck from the universe.

Rising to New Heights

Presently, and for the last few months the universe has been sending us a consistent energy of evolution and growth.  Two karmic points known as the North Node and South Node have been in intense and heavy conversation regarding helping us grow into a better version of ourselves by bringing up past hurts, outdated mindsets, and old behaviors into our conscious reality.  If you think about things you may have been dealing with since late December then you know exactly what I’m referring too. The reason for dredging up the past was to give us an opportunity to heal and release these things.  It’s difficult to get to higher ground when you are carrying old junk, it just weighs you down.  Last month’s eclipses helped clarify topics and hopefully started a process to remove what was no longer working so that new and better things have a place to enter your life.


April 2016 supermoon

Aries New Moon

The March eclipses were probably an emotional time that brought up change and unexpected events; because of this you probably didn’t feel too in control.  The dust is finally settling around this new moon in Aries and you feel a stronger sense of control; you are sitting back in the reigns steering your ship again.  You are in a better place to set your intentions or your plans for the future because you have clarity around what those things are and how to get there.

New moons are an emotional time in general; however, the emotion is more self-focused versus wanting to get things off your chest.  Aries is a fire sign that takes action versus sitting and thinking. Expect your feelings to fuel your fire and spring you into action during this time.  If you have lot’s of confidence you will want to charge ahead.  If you have doubt or fears you will still want to charge ahead and go for the gold because you definitely won’t find gold sitting in your bed worrying.  We can also thank a  supportive conversation that the moon (our emotions and subconscious needs) is having with  Saturn (hard lessons and structure).  This conversation can be very beneficial to us because it’s helping us restrict our need for an emotional out-pour in order to dive into what we are feeling and more importantly why. This is a lesson in emotional intelligence that will help us on our path of personal growth.

The aspect between the moon in Saturn is a good thing for another reason as well.  The moon, the sun (our self-expression), and Uranus (unexpected change) are having a very close and personal meeting; however, their meeting is a bit more volatile, impulsive, and emotional and may result in unexpected ideas or actions.  Since this new moon energy is self focused you could find yourself making quick decisions, changing your mind or mood, or see unexpected opportunities flowing your way.  Aries carries a great deal of passion and determination.  If something finds itself standing in your way  that Aries assertiveness and aggression will certainly move it (and probably by force).  It’s not that you are angry or mean you just have a plan, things to do, challenges to meet and you don’t want anything standing in your way of success.

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The new moon in Aries is injecting a dose of passion into your life over the next few weeks. This will be a renewed passion for yourself, a spark in creativity, an impulse to move forward, and it will definitely do something for your love life.  Venus (love/beauty) and Mars (sex/passion) are working together to bring some lust, passion, and possibly love into your life. The next few weeks will be fun and steamy; some may find a promising love (or breathe new life to an established relationship) while others will have a memorable fling.  I say yes to all of this!


Wishing you all new moon blessings!





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