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Lunar Eclipse in Libra – Let It Upgrade You

On Saturday, April 4th we will experience a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra.  If you are one of my regular readers then you know that a Full Moon is a part of the moon’s 28 day cycle around the sun.  The cycle begins with a New Moon, which is when we plant the seeds of new beginnings and ends with a Full Moon, where we take inventory, check our status and release things that aren’t working to make room for new and better things.  Eclipses always come with either a New Moon or Full Moon and always in pairs.  If you remember, there was a New Moon, Solar Eclipse on March 20th.

Full Moons bring a heightened sense of emotional awareness, our feelings are in the forefront and we tend to act emotionally or impulsively.  Full Moons are when all the crazies, lunatics, and werewolves come out i.e. you unlock that part of yourself where you store your insecurities, fears, or deepest yearnings and release them into the world.  During an eclipse, the power the  Full Moon is magnified, so expect yourself and others to really be in their feelings.  Also, be prepared for major changes to come your way.

This Lunar Eclipse is taking place in Libra.  Libra deals with matters related to partnerships, specifically romantic and business partners.  Libra’s energy balances and harmonizes important interpersonal relationships. During this time, your feelings and intuition is guiding your focus toward how you can get emotional resolutions related to love, relationships, contracts, and business partnerships.

You are heading towards a powerful shift in consciousness that will open the door for major upgrades in your personal life and business.  How can you effectively use the this powerful energy of change that is heading your way?  

First, keep in mind this isn’t a single event, it’s apart of a process.  The energy of an eclipses last for 6 months.  Think back to the eclipses that took place in October 2014, what was going on in your life then?  Whatever relationship or business topics, issues, or changes that were taking place then are coming to a culmination now.  Similarly, plan to fully experience the culmination of the changes of this full moon during the September 2015 eclipses. View 2015Eclipse Dates Here.

Secondly, think about what you are holding on to in your relationships because of fear.  Change is scary and we instinctively resist change by trying to control the place in our life where change is needed most. Are you staying in a hurtful, empty relationship because you don’t think you can find a new love, are you self-sabotaging a relationship because on some level because you don’t think you deserve it, are you scared to speak up at work because you fear rejection, or are you scared to leave a partnership because you aren’t sure there is a new opportunity waiting for you?  When you identify the root cause of your fear, you should release it during the full moon. In addition to intentionally releasing some things, be prepared for the eclipse to make some changes for you in that area as well.

Lastly, and most importantly – trust yourself and the process!  Change isn’t always easy and eclipse energy tends to uproot us at our very core.  You will feel like you are loosing something important to you that you are comfortable with, which makes the change even more upsetting.  Keep in mind the universe only wants the very best for us.  Consider any change you experience during the eclipse as an Universal Upgrade in that area of your life.

Want a better idea of how you will personally be impacted by this eclipse? If you have your natal chart take a look to see if you have any planets at 14° Libra  or Aries (+/- 5 degrees) and where in your chart the transitioning moon hits.  Any planets you have will in that spot will become activated and you will feel the impact of the Lunar Eclipse strongly.  Similarly, the theme of the house that the transitioning moon is in in your chart will be highlighted. Expect that area of your life to be a point of focus for change.  If you don’t have your natal chart, I can prepare one for you, learn more here.


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