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Gratitude: 7 Days of Thanks

We work hard everyday to make it happen, achieve goals, and deal with the struggles of life it becomes very easy to overlook the good in our life.  We often focus on whats next or what could be versus living in the present or remember how far we have come.  I know I’m guilty of not always living in the moment or not being appreciate of all that I have right now.  Living in the moment and being grateful really does make a huge difference in your perspective.  Because of this, I now make a conscious effort to start each day with a few minutes of gratitude to let God and the universe know that I appreciate my blessings and that I am open to receiving more.   I found that by giving daily thanks my perspective changed, especially in times of stress or disappointment. I became more excepting of things and less disappointing when my expectations weren’t met. I found myself being more positive about life and my ability to make the best out of what I have at this very moment.

Share Gratitude for the next 7 Days

Thanksgiving is just a week away, a perfect time to start expressing gratitude daily for all the things and people you are happy to have received, experienced, that make life comfortable and worth living.   For the next 7 days I will be sharing the things that I am grateful for on my Instagram and Facebook pages using #7DaysofThanks

I invite everyone to join in and share the things you are thankful for using #7DaysofThanks.  This exercise is only 7 days but giving thanks daily should last forever.  Let this exercise be the kick-off to a daily ritual of expressing gratitude.  I encourage you all to share the things you are grateful for. You never know who you are inspiring or helping when you share your story.


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