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5 Ways to Add Spring Time to Your Life

The Spring Equinox better know as the first day of spring takes around March 20th each year, this is also the day that that the sun moves out of the emotional, watery depths of Pisces and into the fiery, action-oriented  zodiac sign of Aries.  The start of spring is synonymous with new beginnings, new adventures, growth, fertility, and revitalizing personal energy.  Spring is when we awaken from the slow, cold energy of winter, a time when both the earth and our vitality begins to bloom.

If you are lucky enough to live in a warm weather state the spring probably feels more like a mental shift because the earth is already alive and blooming in your neck of the woods.  However, for those of us who have been freezing our butts off  under a blanket of  ice and snow, it’s time to rejoice, the sun is coming to save us!!  Unfortunately, it will take at least another month before we really begin to experience the positive impacts of spring.

If you are like me, each cold day feels like an eternity at this point and you can’t take another minute of it, here is a list of easy ways to to boost your mood by adding a little spring to your life right now.


Go Green

Spring represents growth, it’s the time of year when the earth thaws and new life sprouts.  After months of spending time indoors we can start to feel disconnected from the earth and it’s grounding impact on us.  While we wait for Mother Nature to work her magic on the outside world, it’s the perfect time to pick-up a plant or three for your home.  Getting a house plant does wonderful things for us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  First, the act of nurturing something other than yourself is personally rewarding; it reminds us that attention and care is the fertilizer for growth in every aspect of life.  Secondly, the impact of spending time around nature  is relaxing, calming, and grounding.  Lastly, just like everything in the natural world, plants have their own magical properties.  Here are some plants that help attract love, money, and good health.

  • Bamboo – attracts good fortune, wealth, and spiritual protection
  • Orchid –  attracts love, fertility, and calmness
  • Snake Plant and Spider Plants -both remove toxins from the air
  • Rubber Plants – attract wealth, abundance and good fortune


Buy Fresh Flowers

Nothing screams spring like fresh flowers; there is no way you can walk into a room and see a beautiful bright bouquet of flowers and not get a little bit happier.  Treat yourself to the inspired beauty of a fresh bouquet of flowers.  Daffodils and other yellow flowers represent the reemergence of the sun after a cold, dark winter; therefore, they are traditional flowers to use for Spring Equinox celebrations, Ostara celebrations, and Easter.  The color or type of flowers really doesn’t matter, as long as it  puts a smile on your face.


Put Spring in the Air

Put the right scent in the air to change your entire mood!  Fragrances subconsciously trigger our minds and emotions.  Since we tend to stay indoors more and nothing grows during winter months we are less likely to get a whiff of flowers,  we miss the smell of salt water at the beach, or indulge in yummy smells from our local bakery.  If you feel restless, have the winter blues, or lack motivation to take action grab some essential oils, candles, or incense for inspiration.  Essential oils or oil blends are great because you can heat them, diffuse them, rub them on your skin and even on your clothes and bed sheets.  Essential oils and candles made with them (vs overpowering perfume scents) will subtly and quickly change your mood.

  • Jasmine – sweet and floral, inspires happiness, confidence, and motivates you towards action
  • Frankenstein and Myrrh –  smokey and rich, helps with purification, spiritual grounding, mental focus, and good for meditation and visualization of goals
  • Lemongrass – fresh, uplifting, clean
  • Lavender – stress relief, calming, helps with insomnia


yellow candles jasmine candle

Glory’s bright yellow color and uplifting floral scent make it a customer favorite.

  Try an Ayurveda Detox

An Ayurveda diet is essentially eating the right foods during the appropriate season to support your body’s nutritional needs while making you look and feel great!  If you are like most people you have been eating high carb, dense, rich, and maybe event sugary foods for the last 3 months.  Our bodies naturally crave these things because before central heating humans needed an extra layer of fat to make it through the winter months, especially since fresh food is naturally harder to come-by in the winter.  High carb foods like beans, potatoes, legumes, and baked goods last longer and keep us feeling full.  See it’s all part of nature;s plan so you don’t have to feel bad for the extra pounds you’ve packed on.


However, the onset of spring is probably making you feel weighed down by those few extra pounds as well as craving more greens, fruits, and lighter foods.  Get tips on what to eat to flush fat and toxins out of your body and a recipe for a Spring Detox Smoothie.


Get in Motion

Spring is known as the season of initiation; a time to take action towards getting what we want.  It’s no coincidence that the Spring Equinox is also the first day of Aries season.  When the sun moves in to fiery, passionate, and action focused Aries we all feel the urge to get moving, literally.  Aries carries lots of energy and needs to release it outward or else stress, tension,  and anxiety will settle in.

Start you action plan towards better health now and you will also boost happiness and mental clarity.  If you are a fire sign or a naturally active person now is the time to push yourself, get back into the gym, or commit to some strenuous physical activity; sign-up for that boxing class, commit to the half-marathon, or Soul Cycle your way to your health goals!  If you are more passive when it comes to exercise or can’t do anything too strenuous try something that connects you to nature and is that grounding such as yoga, a daily walk outdoors, or bicycling on the weekend.



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