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4 Signs You’re Entering a New Life Phase

We are all put here for a higher purpose, our highest purpose.  Life works in a series of cycles or phases, each phase prepares us for the next.  Each cycle serves a purpose, each time we finish one cycle get a step closer to fulfilling our ultimate purpose.  It’s easy to get distracted, become complacent, and get stuck in one phase.  We get too attached to the life we have and the goals we set for ourself and overlook the fact that something much larger than us is in control and that there is a divine purpose for our life.  We are all put here to reach our highest destiny; however, the timing and path we take to get there is our own.  Here are 4 ways to recognize when the universe is urging you to move forward toward your destiny.


Life will start by gently nudging you in the direction of your next phase.

Gentle nudges usually come up as old ideas or interests that for some reason make a lot more sense now than they used too. You could find yourself revisiting a skill, hobby, or talent that makes you feel more fulfilled than your current interests or priorities. Another option maybe that you uncover a new skill or ability that gets you lots of attention or fulfills a need in others that you didn’t expect.  These new ideas and fresh perspectives are like a breadcrumb trail from the universe leading you down your ultimate path.

Things or People that you used to enjoy no longer make you happy

Everything comes into our life for a reason or season. Self-awareness makes it easier to recognize and accept when the season is over or  when the purpose has been fulfilled.  When we remain attached to something or someone past its season the very thing that was once a source of happiness becomes a source of anger, sadness, frustration, or boredom.  When you find yourself in a situation where you are constantly thinking “If it was like this” or “If she would just do that” or “He doesn’t understand me”, it’s probably time to let go.  All of that wishing and hoping that a person or situation will change is your subconscious mind telling you that you need something different.  Know that the very thing you are wishing for is out there waiting for you; you just have to be brave enough to let go of what’s not working and find what does.

You Experience Repeating Patterns

Different faces, different places but same negative outcome? Repeating patterns are lessons from the universe.  These lessons are meant to show you where you need growth or healing before you move forward into your next phase.  Recognizing the need to change is much easier than  actually making the change; however, until a change is made the lesson will keep repeating. Why is making the change so hard anyway? Mostly because the areas where we need to heal or mature are connected to our subconscious needs like love, security, or self-confidence.  When you spend a lifetime thinking and behaving a certain way it becomes an ingrained habit.  Making changes can feel like asking a leopard to change his spots – is it even possible!  Yes, it is possible.  If it wasn’t possible you wouldn’t be called to make the change.  Know that when you successfully complete the lesson the pattern will be broken and you will be promoted to the next stage of your life.

Little Coincidences Start Getting More Significant

Synchronicity is the concept that coincidences are meaningful if there is no causal relationship.  Essentially, little coincidences aren’t coincidences at all, they are the universe lining up opportunities for you in an apparently seamless way. The smallest things like deciding to take a different route to work or a stranger asking for directions are all opportunities waiting to happen.  Listing to your intuition is the best way to take advantage of synchronicity. If you have a strong feeling to do something then do it. Don’t be so stuck in your routines or attached to your agenda that you don’t leave room for random inspiration and unexpected blessings to flow in. Life will always connect the dots for you, you just have to be open to letting it happen.


artwork: Anna Danilova


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