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4 Ways to Harness the Power of Aries

The sun has moved into the first sign of the zodiac making it officially spring time and Aries season.  Being the first sign of the zodiac, it’s no coincidence  Aries qualities are independent, initiators that are always looking to take the top spot in whatever they do.  The sun is sending fiery, independent, and creative rays of Aries energy our way for the next 3 weeks.  Regardless of your zodiac sign, here are ways that we can harness the power of the ram!

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 Express your Creativity

Aries energy loves to create and initiate, it showcases its talents and individuality by bringing its ideas into the world for all to see. Now is the time to get those creative juices flowing, dust off old ideas, and pull projects off the shelf to breath new life into them.  Plant your seeds of creativity now so you can watch them bloom over the next few months.

Take Some Risks

Aries, like all fire signs have a lot of confidence in their talents and passion around their goals.  This gives them a great amount of faith in themselves.  Aries energy fearlessly pursues its goals and let’s nothing stands in its way.  If it reaches a cliff, it will jump right over it if that’s the path to success.   Don’t throw all caution to the wind, but do seek out new paths and opportunities to reach your goals.

Reconnect with Friends and Expand Your Circle

Aries likes to standout from the crowd; however, it does like to be apart of crowd. This sign is open, friendly, and makes connections wherever it goes.  It’s been a long, cold winter and we all have spent to long curled up under a blanket.  Now’s the time to reemerge into the world fiercer than ever.  Plan a fun birthday celebration, host a brunch party, attend business networking events, or pull your other creative friends together to work on a project. Inspire and be inspired!

Be Assertive, Not Pushy

Aries energy is self-focus, it considers its needs and wants first (and last) which makes it a little hard to recognizing how it is perceived by others.  It’s not that Aries ignores the needs of others people, it just doesn’t really focus on them.  We all will be motivated to pursue our goals during Aries season. Now is the time to let the creative juices flow, take risk, make contacts, and get things done.  Just remember, there is a line between asserting yourself and dominating others or forcing your will in a situation.  Aren’t sure if you crossed the line – just look the facial expressions and reactions of the people around you.  Keep it  cute 🙂

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