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3 Ways to Win During Gemini Season

Hello Gemini season! Each year the sun moves into Gemini from May 21- June 21 creating a time full of social gatherings, travel, and making new connections.   Those born under the Gemini zodiac sign sometimes get a bad rap as being moody, two-faced, or all over the place.  In many ways, Geminis are misunderstood but I won’t go into that here you can read my post on Gemini to learn more.

Regardless of your zodiac sign, everyone will be influenced by the energy and vibes of Gemini season.  The zodiac wheel represents a cycle.  It starts with Aries; during Aries season we reemerge from the cold winter with an urge to express our ideas and take action towards our goals. Next up is Taurus season; vibes of hard-work, determination, and practicality settle in so that we are able to progress the ideas and goals  created during Aries season into reality. Then the sun moves into Gemini. After spending two months focused on setting up goals and bringing them to fruition, it’s time to come up for air and see what is going on in the world around us and how we connect with those things.

Gemini is an air sign, focused on sharing and learning information.  It likes to be in the mix and have relevance, but moves along before things become to deep.  It’s time to lighten up, let new energy flow in but remain focused enough to make use of the new ideas, opportunities, and connections that flow your way. Here are the tips on winning this Gemini season:

Breathe New Life Into Projects

Adaptable, logical, and quick-witted are some of the sign’s qualities that we’ll all be lucky to get a boost of during Gemini season.  Chances are that you have been working pretty hard at bringing a goal or vision to life.  Now that the wheel is in motion, take some time to think about what’s next. How can you add to, evolve, or improve your project/vision.  Gemini energy is always moving and exchanging information so chances are you won’t have to dig too deep for inspiration. Insight from a conversation with someone, while reading your favorite blog, or from a least expected source may fall into your lap.  The key it to be open to receiving the info and then applying it to you.  Gemini doesn’t focus well, it prefers to bounce from one thing to the next without getting much done.  During Gemini season have a plan to actually implement all your fresh ideas and new insights.

Stay Ready So You Don’t Have to Get Ready

Gemini is hands down one of the most social signs of the zodiac. Its energy is friendly, outgoing, talkative, and social. During the next few weeks expect your social schedule to be full with parties, celebrations, and even quick get-aways.  Gemini energy brings together people from similar backgrounds or from similar circles.  It’s very likely that you will make new connections through your friends, family, or at community events. You never know who you will meet so prepare now just incase a great opportunity falls into you lap.  Now is the time to tighten-up your elevator speech, get new business cards printed, update your website ect. so that you can seize the moment because like I said, Gemini energy moves on quickly, the faster you can follow-up or take action the better for you.

Promote Yourself and Ask for What You Want

Gemini season boosts our abilities to connect ideas, apply logic, and communicate our thoughts out to others.  On the other side, people become more receptive to listening to your ideas and recognizing your value.  People’s curiosity peaks during Gemini season; they look for information and insight, and are more likely to comment, repost, share, or make a purchase.  This makes Gemini season an excellent time to promote yourself and to ask for exactly what you want.  If you are a writer, speaker, or use social media or the internet to promote your business/personal brand consider launching a promotion or sales campaign. You could be very luck with increasing your audience or generating more income.  If you have a big meeting or presentation scheduled, turn your shine all the way up; prove yourself a tangible asset and then use it to leverage a raise or promotion.

Gemini season is just what we need to change things up while keeping things flowing in the right direction.




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