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3 Ways to Keep a Positive Perspective During Change

One thing that is consistent in life is change.  Changes can be either unexpected or a result of a conscious decision on your part.  No matter how large or small, simple or difficult the changes is here are 3 ways to keep a positive perspective during times of change.

Accepting Change
Change is hard for two reasons,  one, we fear the unknown and  two, there is security in the familiar.  When you make the decision to accept change you shift your mind from focusing on the scary and unknown to the positive possibilities that change brings.  By letting go of fears and old habits that are holding you back, you open yourself up to new experiences, ways of thinking, and fresh perspectives.  You also create a space to receive the blessings that change brings.  This isn’t always easy.  It takes a conscious decision to focus on the good.  There may be times when fear, doubt, or a craving for the old arise.  In these times you have to immediately push these thoughts out of your head and replace them with something more positive like a prayer, a moment of gratitude, or thoughts of what the future holds.

Keeping Faith 

Making changes takes dedication, determination, and confidence all of which can vary depending on our mood and other extenuating circumstances.  If the “ex” calls and you are lonely you may pick up. If you stopped to get coffee and a warm batch of brownies is sitting on the counter, you might get one. If you get a rejection letter from your school of choice, you may feel like it’s not time to get your MBA.  Situations big or small can cause set-backs or knock us off our game entirely if lose site of faith that we achieve a goal.  The key to remaining confident and dedicated is having a strong and consistent connection with God (or your spiritual base).  When you take time to talk to God and connect with your inner self daily it helps you to stay on track, it increases your self-awareness, and provides you with a source to pull faith from when your personal supply is low.

Do the Work 

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” ; this is one of my favorite quotes from the Alchemist.  If you haven’t read it, you should definitely add it to your to-do list.  I love this quote because it’s a wonderful reminder that when you set your intention and do the work doors and windows of opportunity will open up for you.  When you accept change, keep the faith, and do your part in making the best out of new, unexpected, and even difficult changes you will receive blessings.  You may have to let things go, change your thinking, relocate, gain new skills, practice self-discipline – whatever it is, do it with the understanding that it is part of a bigger process.  You do your part and the universe will do its part to bring you success.


What is an important lesson you’ve learned on dealing with change?


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