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3 Ways We All Will Be Crabby for Cancer Season

The sun will be Cancer June 21-July 22.  During this time everyone will feel the influence of the crab regardless of your zodiac sign.  However, if you are a Cancer or have Cancer as your rising sign you more strongly exhibit your crabby nature. Here are 3 things to help your recognize the crab when it walks into your life so that you can effectively use the energy of Cancer to your benefit.

The Motto: I Feel, Therefore I Am

Each zodiac sign has a motto that represents its nature; Cancer is the sign of emotions and feelings. Cancer is extremely intuitive, perceptive, and even physic.  They trust their gut, their feelings, and the energy around them.  Cancer’s strong emotional, sensitive, and perceptive nature can be attributed to the moon, its ruling planet.  The moon connects us to our subconscious feelings and emotions; it governs the things we need to feel to happy, content, and secure.

During Cancer season feelings and emotions will be in the forefront.  Everyone will be more in tune with what they feel and focused on having their emotional needs met, especially related to personal security, family/home, and comfort. The sun in Cancer strengthens our intuition, so pay more attention to your dreams and to what the little voice in your head is guiding you to do.  Lastly,  all that emotional energy and sensitivity can make Cancer irrational and dramatic.  Be mindful of your emotions and that other people may be acting out of emotion versus logic as well. This month will have a strong undertone of sensitivity.

Crabs are Leaders

Cancer is one of 4 initiator signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) that kick off a season; Cancer starts summer. The quality of  initiation carries over into these signs personality traits; they are each natural leaders and creators. Initiator signs perform best when they take an independent approach or leading role. Cancer needs the freedom to do things their way and to add their personal mark to everything they do.

During Cancer season we are more compelled to make changes, showcase our talents, and take the lead toward our goals. Cancer isn’t necessarily an independent sign; it needs to feel needed by others and works better when it’s apart of the group. Therefore, implementing ideas related to work, home, or even your friendship groups can be very successful during this time.  If you are a Cancer or have Cancer in a strong placement in your  natal chart you might find yourself setting a major trend or creating something that will be hugely successful.

Consider an Indirect Approach

The crab walks sideways, similarly Cancer is very comfortable with taking an indirect approach and  the path of least resistance to get what it wants.  Cancer’s sensitive and intuitive nature allows it to read situations and people very accurately. It uses that information to figure out the best way to get what it wants without being blocked by others.  This indirect approach is sometimes subtle and harmless but it can also show up as manipulation or a dramatic display.  When a subtle approach is used the other person feels so  comfortable they willingly participate in a win-win situation.  A manipulative or dramatic approach aims to draw the other person’s focus away from Cancer’s goal while making them so frustrated they have no idea whats really going on.  That’s when Cancer moves in moves in for the win.

Let the intuitive and sensing energy of Cancer guide you towards new ways of getting what you want. Strong force and action may not get your very far this month, especially with the emotional undertone going on – many people will be in their feelings. Look for ways to connect with others, to forward your agenda, or collect information in a  that feels personal or that is emotionally appealing.  For example, if you have a client that loves wine and has kids, invite them to a wine tasting, talk about their summer plans and family vacation for the majority of the evening and then subtly throw hints about what you want, but don’t directly asks.  The goal here is to make the other person feel safe, secure, and appreciated so they are more willing to help you out.

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Artwork : Megan Louisa


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