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Aries Motto: I AM

Aries Motto: I AM


Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. It’s no coincidence that these natural born doers and initiators strive for nothing less than first place in all that they do. This bold fire sign can be hot-headed and hard to control but also warm and engaging, just like fire.  Aries  are  risk takers and  will charge forward when they have a goal.  You will have a hard time convincing an Aries to slow down, reconsider or  to leave something alone once they have made up their mind to go after it.  Aries will go as far as they need to to get what they want, throwing logic  to the wind and without stopping to  evaluating the situation.  They tend to jump in head first and need to learn to make sure that all the effort is really worth the trouble.  Aries can be impulsive, bossy and egotistical and are not above stepping over people or taking advantage of a situation to get what they want.  Their attitude is,  all is fair when I want to win.

With a nice bright smile and friendly, open demeanor it’s not surprising that everyone loves an Aries.  There is an innate need for an Aries to be well liked. They get pleasure from helping people, sharing ideas and solving problems.  You will always find them in a group, surrounded by their fans and followers.  However, there is typically a strategy even in friendships.  Aries know the importance of being well connected and will keep a mental Rolodex of who can help them and with what and will create a bond for that purpose; Aries have the networking thing down! To that end,  Aries will have multiple groups of friends;  childhood friends, work friends, friend’s with similar hobbies ect.   Each group serves a different purpose and many times Aries won’t let friends cross mingle.  Aries’ close friends shouldn’t be surprised to learn something new about a long time Aries pal, Aries are good at keeping secrets.

 Aries I  March 21-31
People born in this time are very self motivated.  They naturally lead and take charge, even when they don’t mean to, they will find themselves in a leadership role.   Aries I are very confident  that they are right, their way is the best way and that they should get what they want.  These characteristics make them natural leaders in their circles and in turn, they like to help out  friends whenever possible because they have all the answers anyway.

Aries I are friendly, outgoing and fun in true Aries fashion, however,  they show their ram-like behavior when they feel they are being pushed or restricted. Aries I are impulsive and impatient which  can causes them to lose their temper and become aggressive.  Since they have high self-confidence and don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone, they can come across as egotistical and frank.  Again, this side only comes out when pushed, keep this in mind and proceed with caution.

Aries II  April 1 – 10

People born in this time like to be the center of attention, the star of the show.  Aries II have a lot of confidence but are also very vain.  One thing that separates an Aries I from a II is that IIs need to be validated by others.  When things aren’t going the way they want, this can come across as insecurity. Are you really the star you think you are without  fans and your name in lights?   Aries II need to feel needed and that they are indispensable to others.  Fortunately, their friendly, charismatic and outgoing personality ensures that they have a good group of friends and admirers.

If you are close to an Aries II, there may be times that you feel like you don’t  fully know them, this is  not unusual.  Especially when you consider that they may not fully understand themselves.  Aries II lack a certain level introspect or self examination.  They let their wants and goals guide them without fully realizing what their true internal or emotional motivation is.  IIs like to keep the appearance that everything is good and rarely open up on a deep emotional level, sometimes not even with themselves.

Aries III April 11-20

Aries III represents the evolution of the Aries sign.  Aries I are self-motivated and impulsive.  Aries II are still self-centered but have a strong need to be accepted and this is their motivation.   Aries III  are goal-oriented, determined, strong-willed and need to succeed; however, their drive is less selfish and more about helping others or pleasing a larger audience. Their thought is that by achieving their goals they are helping others.  However, these positive, adventurous intellectuals can sometimes be dreamy and unrealistic in their thoughts.

Aries III exhibit more of the need to explore, learn and to be creative than Aries I and II. While IIIs are social and outgoing they  prefer to spend  the most time with people they  feel are truly important to their lives  such as close friends, family and children.  However, Aries III still have a large network and various groups of friends for their many activities and hobbies.


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