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2014 Astrological Year in Review

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I think we can all agree that 2014 was quit a year, with some unexpected twists and turns.  It seems like everyone experienced noteworthy change on some level; it may have been gains, losses, a hard lesson learned, uncovered secrets, or a combination of  these things *raises hand*.  You probably felt that there was a lot of back and forth or repeating themes this year along with lots of focus and change related to love and career. This got deep as we needed to connect, understand, and make necessary changes.  As we near the close of 2014 lets take a look at some of the key astrological events that shaped our year.  See if you can connect  aspects of your life with the astrological events below.


Venus in Capricorn

The year started with Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and worth retrograde in Capricorn.  This lovely goddess’ backward motion in ambitious, career minded Capricorn had us looking at our career, love relationships, and friendships  with a discerning eye.  Things that were blurry before were clear as glass, you knew what was and wasn’t working and where you needed to make changes. Venus in Capricorn not only helped us see where we need make changes but gave us the willpower to make those changes. This ultimately set the theme for this year – if it’s wasn’t working it was time to move on to something that will.


Mercury Retrograde

Mercury was retrograde 3 times this year- in February, June, and October.  It was like every time we recovered from one retrograde another  one would come in and throw a monkey wrench into our plans. Mercury governs communication, thought-processes, travel, things we use to communicate, and things that help us travel.  With all these retrograde your pockets may have been hit a couple of times on things like repairing cars, replacing phones, or fixing computers.  It’s never good to start anything new on a retrograde because when the planet goes direct it will undo anything you started.  If you were unfortunate enough to start something during a Mercury Retrograde you may have experienced a broken contract, no follow-up on a promising deal, or being blind-sided by  unexpected information that changed the game.  Communication is always tricky during a retrograde.  It’s like everyone starts talking a different language, your thoughts are all foggy, and people are more sensitive to words.  Those themes that came up during the Venus Retrograde  may have been magnified by the lack of or lapse in communication that happened during Mercury Retrogrades.

Grand Cardinal Cross

April 2014 Grand Cardinal Cross

Planets in April’s Grand Cardinal Cross

A Grand Cardinal Cross took place April 20-23 with the energy continuing a for a few days after. This is one of those events that is so powerful that it happens rarely.  If it happened too often nothing would get done because we would be in the bed for weeks trying to recover from the effects of this major cross. A Cross happens when you have 4 planets form 180 degree angles ( a square) with each other . The planets essentially form a cross  in the sky.  In astrology, a Square is known as a difficult aspect.  Things are not easy and can be quiet stressful; however, with dedication and hard work good things can come from a Square.  The Cardinal part of the Cross relates to the signs that the planets are in when they form a square.  A Cardinal sign is a leader, they begin the 4 seasons and are tied to 4 major aspects of our lives.  The Cardinal signs and their focal points are Aries (Self), Cancer (Family/Home), Libra (Relationships), and Capricorn (Career/Work).  Lastly, what made this Cross Grand (or a grand pain in the butt) were the planets that were involved.  We had some pretty heavy hitters coming to a head.  Here is a breakdown:

  • Uranus in Aries – Uranus brings sudden changes, it’s a powerful force that inspires (or forces us) to evaluate and make changes.  Uranus in Aries brought sudden and necessary changes to self, our personal belief systems, or the way we operate.  Aries likes to create its own future and won’t stop until it gets what it wants. Uranus is revolutionary, rebellious, and innovate.   You may have experienced some events that dealt with who you are or how you present yourself to the world.
  • Jupiter in Cancer –  Jupiter is the bringer of luck, expansion, and optimism.  Jupiter fills you up with promise and pushes you to take risk because you instinctively know great things are coming your way.  Jupiter in Cancer dealt with foundations, family, and your home.  You may have moved, took your relationship to another level, bought a home or expanded your family  during this time. Emotional stability, security, and laying foundation was the theme here.
  • Mars in Libra – Mars in Libra is an odd couple.  Mars is aggressive, self-centered, and never backs down from a fight.  You put this fiery planet in peace loving, relationship oriented Libra and it’s not sure what to do.  Basically, you may have felt like you lost some of your power, because Mars is your assertion.  On the upside, you were more thoughtful of others feelings and probably made concession for the sake of peace where you normally wouldn’t have.
  • Pluto in Capricorn – Pluto is like a Phoenix, it will burn something down so that something better can be born. Pluto is the planet of transformation.  It also points to where we try to control an aspect of our life because we feel we have no control there; it’s our insecurities.  Pluto in Capricorn brought major changes to matters related to career and money.  You may have changed careers, got a new job, suffered a financial loss or gain related to career and finance.

Now that you understand the planets involved and the energy they brought to the game, imagine all four of these planets in a big battle of tug of war, it’s the Universal Tug of War Championship.  Each planet was in it to win it, literally.  Play time was over, the Grand Cardinal Cross was all about action. This time brought  forced self-evaluation and honesty, made you step out on faith to make major transformations that ultimately changed your life for the better. Most of the events that took place during this time felt out of your control, you were being dragged along for the ride (a few people may have had a pleasant ride).  The Grand Cardinal Cross was hardcore, I still feel some kind of way when I think about everything that happened in my life during that time.  We all felt some aspect of this event, some more strongly that others.


Uranus and Pluto

I mentioned this aspect above in the Grand Cardinal Cross section; however, these two planets have been bumping heads since 2012 and will continue to do so until 2015. When they are finally done squaring each other, they would have matched up 7 times over 3 years.  Each time bringing some revolutionary changes in the structure and foundation of who we are.  Uranus and Pluto are known as Generational Planets because they are so far away from the sun their  influence is more significant on society or a generation of people.  The most recent Uranus/Pluto Square started on Nov 26  that didn’t unlock until Dec. 27.  This is exactly around the time when the officers were acquitted in the Erick Garner and Mike Brown cases that set the nation on fire and lead to the Black Lives Matter movement.  This is a prime example of these planets energy – Uranus in Capricorn brings about sudden changes that liberate through revolution and innovation.  Capricorn deals with the powers that be and long-established, high level systems and structures(such as law and bureaucracy).  Meanwhile, Pluto was in Aries; Aries is very aggressive, creative, and self-focused sign. The energy created by these planets gave members of society  a willingness to take the bulls by the horns and create the change they seek.  Society realize that the old rules aren’t working anymore and it’s time to implement new ones, even by force.  In your personal life, work, and relationships may have experience a similar theme.  You found yourself looking out for what’s best for you, you may have been more assertive in getting what you wanted and uncompromising in achieving your goals.   Your decisions or changes were quick and fearless and pushed you further in the direction of your money, career, and relationship goals.  Remember, squares are never easy but the change they bring are always good.  We appreciate things more when we have to work for them.

Uranus Square Pluto 2014 Dates
  • April 12-29
  • Nov 26 – Dec 27
  • Next one: March 11-28 2015


Saturn in Scorpio

Saturn has spent the last 2 years in Scorpio where it has been giving us a very deep lesson related to security, value, and self-worth.  Saturn’s lesson hasn’t been easy but it was teaching us where we need to heal and completely remove some aspect of the way we think or behave and transform that area into something new and different to achieve success.  Scorpio relates to our feeling, emotions, and even physic energy.  This lesson drilled down to your emotional core, you had to face some really hard truths to pass this lesson. Scorpio goes deep so the lesson you learned when Saturn was in Scorpio got down to your foundations and built better ways of being.  Think about something that had been going on for the past 2 years in your life that has come to and end or is completely different.  Saturn impacted each sign differently, find out the impact it had on your sign here.




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