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New Moon and Full Moon 2014 Dates

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2014 Full Moon and New Moon dates

New Moons

New Moons mark the beginning of the lunar cycle.  During the days before and right after the new moon is the time to put your intentions for new things into the universe.  The universe is open and receptive to your wishes during a new moon and will assist you in launching that new thing as long as you put forth effort.  The influence of the sign that the moon is in will also effect what you feel you need to accomplish.  For example, if the moon is in Capricorn you may feel the need to start a new budget because Capricorn is concerned with business and finance, if the moon is in Aquarius you may get the urge to donate to charity because Aquarius is concerned with the greater good of all,  or if the moon is in Scorpio you may feel determined to get on the same page as your lover and strength emotional bonds because Scorpio knows the strength of emotional partnership.  Whatever it is  – you will feel the urge to do it, the idea will come to you.  All you need to do is just pay attention to what you find yourself thinking about in the week and days before the new moon – that should be what you start or take a new approach with.

New Moon Calendar 2014

January 1


January 30


March 1


April 29


May 28


June 27


July 26


August 25


September 24


October 23


November 22


December 21



Full Moons

Full Moons signify the end of a lunar cycle.  To that point, this is the time when you should release things, old ways of thinking and doing.  So let’s say you have been eating crazy since the holidays started and you know it’s time to get your diet under control.  During the full moon you can release you bad eating habits ( in my case, an addition to sugar and carbs – they are so good!) an opt for a healthier diet.  During full moons you may also feel your emotions rise, you may become more sensitive, vulnerable, or in-tune with your emotional needs.   Whatever sign the moon is in will influence your emotions and needs during the full moon. A full moon in Libra may have you feeling beautiful and loving towards others because Libra likes beautiful things and peaceful relationships. While a full moon in Leo may have thinking about what you can do for someone to get their attention because Leo is generous but needs attention.

Full Moon Calendar 2014

January 15th

Wolf Moon


February 14th

Snow Moon


March 16th

Worm Moon


April 15th

Pink Moon


May 14th

Flower Moon


June 13th

Strawberry Moon


July 12th

Buck Moon


August 10th

Sturgeon Moon


September 8th

Harvest Moon


October 8th

Hunter Moon


November 6th

Beaver Moon


December 6th

Cold Moon


(Eastern Standard Times)

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