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2014 Working Backwards and Getting Results


2014 is full of retrogrades, there will be 5 that are sure to impact your life some how.  A planet is said to be  in retrograde when  it appears to be moving backwards.  When a planet is in retrograde its influence is less powerful and the negative attributes of its influence tend to be more prominent.  When planets are in retrograde it is advisable that you don’t take strong action, implement anything new, enter into legal contracts, or make a major decision.  Since retrogrades are about backward motion, chances are that when the planet goes direct (moves forward) the new things you start will come undone or will become flawed.  For example, when you are sick or exhausted it isn’t the best time to work on an important project because you will most likely miss or forget something important and the project isn’t as good as it would be if you were 100%. This is exactly how things are when planets are in retrograde. What retrogrades are good for is reexamination, preparation, refreshing ideas, revisiting projects you already started, and reconnecting with people from your past (or family) in order to get fresh insight, new understandings, and even closure.

 A new year is the time when everyone sets their goals for prosperity and growth.  We are ready to take action in a new year.  However, this year is full of planets in retrograde; not the best time to take action or implement anything new.  So what does this mean for 2014, should we just sit on the couch, writing down our good ideas while waiting patiently for 2015 to hit so we can start living again?  Absolutely not!  In 2014 you have to be focused, organized, and actionable in order to achieve your goals.  You don’t have time to wait until next week – a new retrograde maybe starting then.  Organize yourself, make a plan, and when an opportunity presents itself jump right on it.  Use the retrograde to your advantage, perhaps there was something you kinda started but never really did it all the way – revisit that.  Have you been doing something for a while but need to breath new life into it (this could be career, love, or even a way of thinking) retrogrades are perfect for examining yourself in order to make changes for the better.  You know when you are listening to a song or watching a movie and you rewind it back to  your favorite part and then you see or hear something you missed the first time and it makes the good part even better – 2014 can be full of those moments as long as you set yourself up for success. 

2014 Retrogrades 

 Venus Retrograde December 23 2013 – January 31, 2014 

The year started with Venus, the planet of love and beauty, retrograde in the sign Capricorn.  During this time you may have noticed yourself evaluating your relationships and career to make sure you were getting what you needed.  In relationships, you may have decided to make changes,  either ending them or starting over fresh.   Did you have any old flames popping up – that was Venus pulling the past into the present.  That decision to stake the friendship with an emotional vampire friend – yup that was Venus retrograde.  In career, you may have gotten a new job or made a plan to finally go after the career you want.  In finances, you may have created a financial plan to help you achieve your long term goals.  The retrograde in Venus was actually a very good way to start the year.  You should have been able to focus on things that are the most important to you and create a game plan to take it to the next level this year.

 Mercury has 3 Retrogrades 

Mercury goes retrograde three times this year, better buckle-up and  get prepared for the ride!  Mercury rules communication, travel, and the speed at which these things travel. When Mercury goes retrograde be prepared for your phone, computer,  and other communication based technology to go haywire, get lost, or need replacement.  You may have a hard time expressing your ideas or having clear communication with others. Delays with trains, planes and extreme road traffic are always inevitable as are vehicle repairs.  Also, avoid signing contracts, since communication tends to be fuzzy it’s never a good time to enter into important agreements during a retrograde. Unfortunately, Mercury doesn’t really give us a break this year, as soon as  you start to fully recover from one retrograde another one is creeping in.  All you can do is to be prepared.  Give yourself extra time when traveling.  Be gentile with your phone and other electronic devices.  In personal communications be crystal clear and follow-up, don’t leave room for error.

 Mercury Retrograde Dates 

February 6 -28

June 7- July 1

October 4-25

 Mars Retrograde March 1 – May

Mars is the planet that influences our raw drive, motivations, assertiveness, and aggression.  Mars is Venus’ opposite. Venus is about love, beauty, sex, partnership and refinement.  Mars is focused on the raw and aggressive side of these things like attraction, lust,  and aggression; Mars likes to take it straight, no chaser.   Mars will be in the sign Libra when it goes retrograde so it will already be a bit weakened.  Mars tends to be self-centered and aggressive where Libra is about partnership and keeping the peace.  When Mars goes retrograde your self-centered thinking will expand to a group thought process – how can you satisfy your needs and those of your group or partner.  Aggression will be dulled for a more peaceful, balanced approach.  You may do some self-evaluating to reflect on how others see you and what you are contributing to them.  Libra will influence Mars to have a softer approach and a less selfish thought process.  During the retrograde you may feel like you are taking longer to get things done, you maybe indecisive when you usually aren’t or you may spend more time thinking through the outcomes and repercussions of your actions instead of springing into action.



  • Tracy February 4, 2014 at 3:21 pm

    Very informative!


  • Amber February 5, 2014 at 11:28 am

    Wow! I had no idea all this would be happening! Mercury retrogrades are what I’m most worried about, since I bike every day! Gotta be more careful.


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    […] This year has been full of retrogrades, we started the year with Venus in retrograde, then Mars did some backtracking in early spring, and Mercury is  now in the last of  it’s 3 retrogrades of the year.  With all this back-paddling, I’m sure you have been feeling like this has been a tricky year full of back and forth or reoccurring themes.  Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio for three weeks , October 4-25, and then thankfully it will be direct for the rest of the year!  When Mercury goes retrograde there are always more hiccups, missteps, and breakdowns.  I guess that’s why people are always complaining about how awful life is during retrogrades. […]


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